David Adams Biography

Scan_Pic1613from Kentucky – A History of the State by Perrin, 1885

Livingston County, Kentucky

The gentleman whose name introduces this sketch and whose portrait appears in this work, was born January 19, 1834, in Livingston County, Kentucky.  Of his parents, but little can now be learned, as they died when he was a mere child.  Their names were George and Jennie Adams, and they were probably natives of the state of Virginia.  They settled in Livingston County, Kentucky, soon after their marriage, and at the time of their death had four children, viz.:  Ellen, wife of R. R. Hastings, of Livingston County; David; Jackson, since deceased, and William H. Adams, now of Florida.  After the death of his parents the subject of these lines found a home and kind friends in the family of John and Mary A. Neely, then living in southern Illinois.  He continued as a member of this family until he had attained to the age of sixteen years, at which time he returned to his native county and engaged as a farm hand with Joseph Watts, who then owned the land now comprising a part of the farm of Mr. Adams.  This esteemed gentleman, whose memory is tenderly cherished by our subject, soon discovered the merits of his young employee, as was evidenced by the fact of his retaining him from year to year with increased wages.  His wife also, whose name is Lucinda D. Watts, and who is still living, proved herself a devoted wife and mother, whose many deeds of kindness are as a bright page in the book of memory.  When about twenty-four years old, Mr. Adams purchased the first tract of land he ever owned; it consisted of 200 acres and was bought wholly upon credit.  With this land, a yoke of oxen and a cart, and 50 cents in money, he began the battle of life on his own merit.  Having early in life acquired habits of industry and honesty, which have ever been his chief characteristics, he found the road to success open before him, and these virtues have combined to elevate him to the distinction of “king of farmers” in his county.  As an evidence of his appreciation of and attachment to Mr. Adams, Mr. Watts, in his will, made him an equal heir to his homestead farm.  He now owns 1,400 acres of land and is devoting special care to the breeding of “short-horn” cattle.  On March 4, 1868, Mr. Adams married Miss Georgia, daughter of Lewis and Cynthia Hunter; the father now of Texas, the mother long since deceased.  Mrs. Adams died January 26, 1883, the mother of the following named children:  Susie, wife of Henry H. Hibbs; Lizzie (deceased), Lula, Cora, Lewis Hunter, Nettie and David L. Adams.

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