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Jeremiah and Mary Herbert Pension Application

from Pioneer History of Washington County, Kentucky by Orval W. Baylor

June 7, 1833

Jeremiah Herbert, Washington County, Kentucky, age 70, states that he was drafted in 1781 as a spy in the state of Maryland, County of St. Mary’s, under Captain John Mills and served two months in the spring of 1781, returned home and remained about one month, when he was again drafted in July 1781 and placed under Captain Edward Morgan of the regular army and was attached to the 4th Maryland Regiment commanded by Colonel John Ruble, Lilburn Williams was the major, Mordecai Guess the General, who commanded the 3rd and 4th Maryland Regiment, and was marched from St. Mary’s County to Annapolis, thence to Georgetown, thence to Williamsburg, Virginia, thence to the siege of York, where he remained until the capture of Lord Cornwallis.  He was discharged in December 1791 at Annapolis.

Charles Montgomery, clergyman in Washington County, James Hiney, James Austin states that they are well acquainted with the soldier and believe in his statements.

Affidavit of Joseph Kibby made in Union County, Kentucky, stating that Jeremiah Herbert of Washington County, Kentucky, served with him in the Revolutionary War in the same company at the siege of York.  We lived in St. Mary’s County, Maryland, and joined the militia company commanded by Captain Edward Morgan, John Cross, Lieutenant, and James Amerna, Ensign.

Mary Herbert applied for pension, widow of Jeremiah Herbert, deceased.  State of Kentucky, Washington County, March 25, 1839, aged 73, said she was married to him in 1786 and that he died in 1833, and by him she had 9 children, ages as follows:  Francis Herbert, born February 22, 1788; Rebecca Herbert, born March 13, 1790; Elizabeth Herbert, born December 12, 1791; Eleanor Herbert, born February 22, 1794; John T. Herbert, born March 17, 1796; James R. Herbert, born March 6, 1800; F. K. H. Herbert, born February 14, 1802; Charles Herbert, born January 20, 1804; Mary Ann Herbert, born December 28, 1807, which appears by the family record.

Affidavit of Charles Powell, who states that the birth of the children of Jeremiah and Mary Herbert and the ages of the said Jeremiah and Mary as appears from the family Bible of Jeremiah are as follows, the birth of the children corresponding with the times stated in said Mary’s declaration.

Jeremiah Herbert born January 26, 1738 (marked in pencil as follows may be an error he said in January 1833 he was age 70).

Affidavit of Dorothy Jarboe made at the home of John Jarboe, who is her son in Washington County, Kentucky, November 26, 1838.  Made oath that Jeremiah Herbert was married to her sister, Mary Hill, in the year 1786 and lived together until 1833 when he died with cholera.  The said Dorothy Jarboe, formerly Dorothy Hill, is now 69.

Peter Brown, Justice of the Peace

It appears from the records that the Pension agent of Kentucky sent the family Bible in for evidence but it was never returned.

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