Old Photos

1890’s Four Generation Photo

Scan_Pic1657 1So excited to share this beautiful four generations photo with you.  Definitely taken in the late 1890’s.  My grandmother would have been the baby’s age!

All three women’s outfits are gorgeous.  Those huge leg-o-mutton sleeves are fabulous!  The older woman’s dress is made from a splendid striped material.  The woman standing has beautiful bodice work on her dress, that looks to be made of a satin material.  But the outfit of the younger woman steals the show!  The material of her jacket matched with the patterned blouse is breath-taking!  And what of the wee babe – a beautiful child!

How I wish we knew their names and where they lived – but there is no information on the photo.  It’s enough just to enjoy it!

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