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1870’s Sacramento, California Photo

Scan_Pic1661 1I’m happy to share this very gorgeous photo with you!  1870’s all the way, with the famous bustle skirt and the wide lapels of the gentleman’s coat.  If you look carefully you can see several rings on the woman’s right hand – along with earrings and a fancy comb in her hair.  Was this couple one who made it rich during the gold rush?  Wish we knew their names!

Photo taken by J. A. Todd, 84 and 86 J. Street, Sacramento, California.

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  1. J.A. Todd was located at 84 j st in 1871, 1875, and also 1878. In 1872 he was located at a different address. In late 1875 he is at 84 j st but sold his business and went to England to study new photographic methods for 6 months. He returned and was listed as a photographer in 1877 and having a gallery at 84 j st in 1878. 1880-1884 he was located at a different address. That should help pin down the date a little more. The info came from the book Pioneer Photographers of the Far West.

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