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1870 Photo of Mother with Children

This carte-de-visite photo, 2.5 x 4 inches, looks to be from the 1870’s due to the bustle in back of the woman’s dress and the many layers of skirt in front.  She has two sweet children with her.  It is hard to tell if they are boys or girls since both were dressed the same for the first five or six years of life.  The highly decorated dress of the little one standing is quite within the style for children.  The baby, who must have wiggled his head, since it is not focused, is dressed in traditional white.  The mother appears fairly well to do with the jewelry, hair style and dress.  A great look at a time from long ago.

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    • Ruth, I loved this article. Sounds like a kindred spirit since I do the same. Since most of our photos now are digital, will we be forgotten and not experience the love and tenderness we feel for old photos? That makes me sad that 100 years for now I will be a lost digital memory.

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