Ghent Cemetery – Carroll County

IMG_4392Ghent Cemetery

Ghent is a small town in northeastern Carroll County, Kentucky, located on the Ohio River.  The city was formed in 1814, the year the War of 1812 ended, and was named for Ghent, Belgium, where the treaty ending the war was signed.  Many Kentuckians fought in that war and I’m sure all were glad when it ended.  The population of Ghent was 323 in 2010, very similar to the 366 population in 1860.   The following are photos taken from our recent trip.

IMG_4400Susan Wise, born December 14, 1835, died July 5, 1909.  Henry M. Wise, born March 12, 1825, died September 5, 1884.

IMG_4404Emma Wise, born June 5, 1852, died September 6, 1886

IMG_4453George Robinson, born July 28, 1853, died May 9, 1894


A. C. Craig, died October 22, 1883, aged 76 y, 5 m, 21 d


Virginia J. Craig, died June 15, 1893, aged 76 y, 2 m


Jennie V. Beard, born July 12, 1857, died August 20, 1902

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  1. It is utterly amazing that a community, Ghent, has maintained approx the same population for 200 yrs. It’s like middle ages Europe! And such a population GENETICALLY related to our modern cuisine experts ! (Jenny) CRAIG, (James) BEARD. LOL! Seriously though, would to visit there.

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