Augusta Ranson Buried At Maysville Cemetery

IMG_4137Augusta, wife of R. H. Ranson, died October 19, 1848, aged 37 years

IMG_4139Her memory is cherished on earth

IMG_4140Her spirit has ascended to heaven

Augusta Ranson is buried in the Maysville Cemetery, Mason County, Kentucky.

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  1. It is so absolutely helpful, Phyllis, when you transcribe for us what’s written on a tombstone. First, maybe it’s not so legible. Second, even if it is … sort of … your words draw us into the picture. Thank you for taking the additional time to perfect what you do, which is already beautiful.

  2. In the top pic of the entire tombstone, what do you think that bas relief i at the bottom? It’s a man, probably leaning over a table type something is all I can see.

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