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Items From The Central Record – April 30, 1909

from The Central Record, Lancaster, Garrard County, Kentucky

Friday, April 30, 1909

The Triangle” which will be given by local talent Friday evening at the Court House, is a beautiful little play which has been meeting with unqualified success.  Miss Neva Williams, the author, is also a successful short story writer, and she has given the play by request to a number of central Kentucky town.

Twenty Nine Shots Fired

About ten o’clock Monday night Mr. Claude Pruitt, a well-to-do farmer living about 4 miles on the Fall Lick Pike, was awakened by a peculiar noise in his buggy house.

He went to the door with his shot gun, and on opening it, the intruder opened fire upon him.  Mr. Pruitt fired seventeen shots at his assailant who fell three times before reaching his buggy, where his partner was waiting for him.

There were 29 shots fired in all, one of which went through Mr. Pruitt’s shirt, and one or more striking the would be thief, who had taken a set of harness.  The harness were found in Pruitt’s yard, but the two men have not been caught.  Policemen in adjoining towns have been notified.


At press hour we hear of the death of Mrs. James N. Denny, who was taken to Lexington ten days ago to submit to an operation, from the effects of which she died on Wednesday afternoon. The funeral will take place at the residence on Richmond Pike, at 2 o’clock Friday afternoon, services conducted by Rev. D. E. Frierson and Rev. C. C. Brown, interment following in Lancaster Cemetery

County Court

Three wills were probated in the county court Monday: The will of George Evans gives his sister, Martha Lusk, $1,000 and the use of the town property for life. The other property is equally divided among the family, except one. That of William R. Teater bequeaths 30 acres of land to Delia Humphrey, balance of property to his sons. The will of J. C. Robinson was produced and probate continued to Monday, May 3rd. An average crowd was in town and considerable business was transacted. Cattle sold from 3 to 5 cents. Few horses and mules on the market.


Mrs. John K. West died at her home in this place on Tuesday rather suddenly. She had been ill of grippe but none of the family thought her dangerous. About a year ago she suffered a paralytic stroke and it is thought another may have followed. She was 77 years of age and is survived by her aged husband and four daughters, Mesdames Jeff Dunn, of Bryantsville, and R. M. Campbell, of Rockford, Maryland, and Misses Bane and Knapp West, of this city. Her only son, Rev. Robert West, a prominent Baptist minister, died about four years ago of fever, while he was holding a high position with the Panama Canal Commission.

The funeral was held at the residence, Thursday, conducted by Rev. O. P. Bush, assisted by Rev. H. M. Shouse, the burial taking place in the Lancaster Cemetery. The deceased had long been a faithful and devoted member of the Baptist church. The family is one of the most prominent in the county, and we, with the entire community, express our condolence to them.

Business Change

Miss Fannie Austin has purchased the restaurant formerly owned by W. H. Ward. She will run the restaurant in an up-to-date style, giving quick, clean service. She will put in a fresh stock of groceries and solicits the patronage of the public.

Inspection and Banquet

Lancaster Chapter No. 56 will have its regular annual inspection on the night of May 4. Harry Bailey, Grand King, of the state, will be the inspection officer. Work in the Royal Arch Degree will be conferred, after which an elegant banquet will be served by the Chapter at the Kengarian. A number of prominent and distinguished Masons will be present and an enjoyable time is expected.

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