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Marion County Vital Statistics – Births – 1853

Marion County Vital Statistics – Births – 1853

Mary B. A. Williams, d/o Barnett and Nancy Nichols Williams, near Haysville 6 Oct 1853
John H. Francis, s/o Henry and Nancy Smothers Francis 25 Oct 1853
Julia Ellen Elder, d/o James and Levina Jarboe Elder, near New Market 5 Mar 1853
Marcus A. Abell, s/o Ignatius and Eliza Ann Thompson Abell, near Lebanon 11 Nov 1853
? Browning, d/o Franklin and Mary Carrico Browning, near St. Mary’s College 15 Oct 1853
John A. Russell, s/o William and Elizabeth Russell, near Lebanon 15 Apr 1853
William O’Daniel, s/o Walter and Susan Wheatley O’Daniel, near Lebanon 14 Aug 1853
William H. Johnson, s/o Patrick S. and Elizabeth Carrico Johnson, near Lebanon 17 Jul 1853
George W. Edelen, s/o B. and Theresa M. Edelen, near Lebanon 20 Dec 1853
? O’Daniel, s/o James M. and Martina Wheatley O’Daniel, near Lebanon 11 Sep 1853
George C. Abell, s/o Alfred B. and Mary Ann Hamilton Abell, near Lebanon 23 May 1853
Mary E. Lanham, d/o J. M. and Elizabeth Russell Lanham, near Lebanon 13 Jun 1853
Nancy F. Williams, d/o T. and Emily R. Floyd Williams, near Bethel Church 20 Feb 1853
David W. T. Morgeson, s/o Samuel and Joannah Henley Morgeson, near Bethel Church 14 Jan 1853
Susan M. Hagan, d/o James and Susan Catlin Hagan, near Providence Church 20 Apr 1853
Sallie A. Nash, d/o Wellington and Adaline Lawrence Nash, near Providence Church 15 Mar 1853
Buford Biggers, s/o James H. and Lucinda Malone Biggers 6 Nov 1853
William G. Johnson, s/o David M. and M. J. Mouser Johnson, near Pleasant Run 16 Nov 1853
Maria S. Goode, d/o Julius and Elizabeth McCarty Goode, near Pleasant Run 14 Oct 1853
Nancy A. Bright, d/o George W. and Sarah E. Newcomb Bright, near Pleasant Run 14 Oct 1853
Walter Adams, s/o James and Rebecca Hill Adams, near Pleasant Run 26 Jul 1853
Ann Mary Spalding, d/o Edward and Martha A. Walker Spalding, near Pleasant Run 24 Nov 1853
Thomas F. Logan, s/o Robert and Mary F. Bates Logan, near Pleasant Run 24 Feb 1853
M. A. Cecil, d/o M. J. and A. M. Hagan Cecil, near St. Mary’s 21 Apr 1853
Ignatius Abell, s/o John and Margaret A. Tungate Abell, near St. Mary’s 24 Apr 1853
James L. Simpson, s/o James and Sarah F. Bracken Simpson, near St. Mary’s 28 Jun 1853
Martha H. Spalding, d/o W. F. and Louisa Abell Spalding, near Calvary 1853
? Green, d/o A. J. and Louisa J. Carter Green, near Calvary 7 Oct 1853
Elizabeth J. Jarboe, d/o Robert and Mary Wooley Jarboe, near Jarboe Store 4 Apr 1853

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