November 17th Washington County Marriages

Marriage Records – November 17th

Washington County, Kentucky

David Cleaver married Letitia Griffith 17 Nov 1793
Adam Row married Lydia Hardin 17 Nov 1796
Richard Spalding married Nancy Taylor 17 Nov 1798
Peter Stayton married Julia Stayton 17 Nov 1798
Johnsey Dorsey married Rebecca Silvers 17 Nov 1807
Nathan Hazelwood married Polly Taylor 17 Nov 1808
Thomas Hill married Theresa Brown 17 Nov 1816
John Dean married Jane Carmack 17 Nov 1818
Benjamin Green married Ann Bullock 17 Nov 1819
John Garrett married Mahala Hamilton 17 Nov 1831
John D. Hoback married Mary Allen 17 Nov 1831
Nicholas R. Finely married Sarah M. Ray 17 Nov 1833
Austin Elliott married Margaret Robinson 17 Nov 1838
Elisha Royalty married Mary Ann Pinkston 17 Nov 1851
Sylvester Sappington married Sarah Wilkerson 17 Nov 1852
John Robertson married Catherine Creager 17 Nov 1858
Charles T. Herbert married Louisa Martin 17 Nov 1860
William Kays married Mary E. Keeling 17 Nov 1864
Thomas J. Robinson married Eliza V. Kirkland 17 Nov 1864
Edmund Masters married Tinnie Wheeler 17 Nov 1871
Silas Coulter married Sallie Logan 17 Nov 1874
John W. Willett married Mahala J. Jones 17 Nov 1874
John T. Mitchell married Mary Jane Brown 17 Nov 1878
Barton Mattingly married Annie Smith 17 Nov 1885
James P. Willett married Florence Logsdon 17 Nov 1885
John W. Hill married Mollie Hays 17 Nov 1886
Charles Noe married Annie Walker 17 Nov 1887
James J. Baker married Elizabeth Cooksey 17 Nov 1889
John Cary married Mary Lair 17 Nov 1890
Charles Hayden married Martha E. Adams 17 Nov 1892

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