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Jonathan Owen Biography

Scan_Pic1727 1from History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky, Robert Peter, 1882

Bourbon County

Jonathan Owen, retired farmer; P.O. Paris; whose portrait appears in this work, is one of the descendants of the earliest and among the most respected families in Bourbon County.  The subject of these lines first saw the light of day, in North Middletown Precinct, April 27, 1811; son of Robert and Nancy (Foster) Owen.

IMG_2767The final resting place of Jonathan Owen and wife Mary Brent Hutchcraft.

His paternal grandsire was Thomas Owen, a native of Maryland, of Welsh descent, and in the year 1786, he emigrated to Clark County, this state, where he died.  He raised a family of seven children; the eldest was Robert, who was born in 1776, and was but ten years of age when he came to Kentucky, where he was reared to farming pursuits, and came to Bourbon County in 1798, locating in North Middletown Precinct, and engaged in business as a farmer and distiller, and was a valued member of the community up to his death, which occurred in 1856; his wife preceded him four years.

Jonathan remained on the farm where he was born until twenty-five years of age; December 27, 1835, he married Cynthia Scott, who was also a native of Middletown Precinct, daughter of William and Sallie (Hedges) Scott; after his marriage, he engaged in farming, which he continued very successfully until 1875, when he removed to Paris.  His wife died in 1868, having borne him three children; the eldest was Sarah, now the wife of Edwin P. Bean, who died, leaving ten children; Nancy, the second child, married Watson M. Gay; the youngest child was Robert, both of whom are residents of this county.

All of the above Mr. Owens settled upon farms that he had purchased and improved, each in turn taking the homestead as they married and settled down.  Mr. Owen, at his father’s death, received a small patrimony, yet he succeeded by hard labor and great diligence in acquiring about 2,000 acres of land, besides losing a good deal through misplaced confidence in others; while he labored to save, yet he gave liberally of his means for the erection and establishment of churches, as well as to encouraging public improvements, which would tend to be of benefit to the community and the commonwealth; he never courted the publicity of office, but preferred to live a quiet and retired life; since 1842, he has been a consistent member of the M. E. Church, and endeavored to live a life in harmony with his profession.  He now resides in the suburban part of Paris, where he lives in comparable retirement in the enjoyment of his pleasant home.

IMG_2765Jonathan Hutchcraft, born September 22, 1791, died June 6, 1868.  Paris Cemetery, Bourbon County, Kentucky.

IMG_2763Margaret Young, wife of John Hutchcraft, born December 7, 1798, died May 26, 1842.  Paris Cemetery, Bourbon County, Kentucky.

In 1870, he married Miss Mary Hutchcraft, who was a daughter of John and Margaret (McIlvain) Hutchcraft.  He was born September 22, 1791, in Culpeper County, Virginia; son of Thomas, who married Ellen Apperson; he died in 1825, aged 66 years.  He came to Kentucky in 1802, locating in Bourbon County, with his father, Thomas.  John Hutchcraft was a good farmer and much interested in blooded horses, and was the first owner of the celebrated horse, Bertram; he died as he lived – an upright man, and Mason, June 6, 1868, in Middletown Precinct, where he settled.  His wife, Margaret Long [Young]McIlvain, was born in Virginia, December 7, 1798, and died May 26, 1842; she was a daughter of Hugh and Mary (Brent) McIlvain; he was born in Scotland, August 26, 1767, and came to Kentucky in 1793, and was a merchant; he died April 18, 1818, near Paris; his wife, Mary Brent, was born June 28, the same year as her husband.  Hugh McIlvain had four sons and two daughters.  John B. resides in Louisville, and is now the only member of the family living.

When Thomas Hutchcraft died, he left the following children:  John, Reuben, James, Richard, Nimrod and Eliza H.  He willed that John, James and Reuben should live for twenty-one years together, or adjoining, having everything in common, which wish was carried out to the letter, as they during the time lived in perfect harmony, which good feeling ever pervaded the family afterwards.

Thomas Owen raised a family of seven children:  Robert, John, Jonathan, Samuel, Hester, Margaret and Elizabeth.  Jonathan and Samuel removed in early life to Indiana; John in after life removed to Madison County, and there died; Hester married Thomas Farmer, and finally located in Missouri; Margaret became the wife of Richard Hukel, and settled in Clark County; Rachel settled in the same county, she married John Farmer, brother of Thomas.  Jonathan, our subject, is of a family of eight children; but two are now living, our subject, and Mrs. G. H. De Jarnett.

IMG_2770Jonathan Owen, born April 27, 1811, died October 4, 1884.

IMG_2768Mary Brent Owen, died August 2, 1900.  Resting between loved ones, husband, father and mother.

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