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Carroll County Revolutionary War Pensioners

Carroll County Revolutionary War Pensioners in 1840

Six Revolutionary War pensioners were listed in the 1840 census of Carroll County, Kentucky, listing their age.  I have added a few notes from my research.  Carroll County was part of Gallatin County until 1838.

Robert Scott, age 77.  He was a private  in the Virginia Line, on the pension roll for December 10, 1833; commencement of pension, March 4, 1831.  He received $30 annually, with a total received as $90.

David Driscoll, age 79.  He received a land grant for 50 acres in Gallatin City (Gallatin County) in 1822.  His pension was $96 annually.

James Coghill, age 82.  A soldier of the Virginia Line, enlisted in Orange County, Virginia, as a private in February, 1776, under Captain Joseph Spencer, Colonel McClanahan.  He engaged in the battles of Brandywine, Germantown and the taking of Charleston, made prisoner, but escaped.  Applied November 16, 1819, in Gallatin City, Kentucky, aged 61, and his claim was allowed.  he died January 11, 1841.

John Short, age 78.

John Isaacs, age 84.

Amos V. Matthews, age 79.  Was a private in the Revolutionary War.  He received $40 annually, and was listed in the U.S. Pensioners 1818-1872.  March 1844 was his last payment.  He died August 4, 1844.

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