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1863 Photo – Mary Rees

Scan061 1I received this photo yesterday, one of my Ebay purchases!  This little girl is Mary Rees, born in 1857.  It says she is six years old, therefore the photo was taken in 1863 – the height of the Civil War.  The photo has been cut – probably to fit in a frame – but I can just make out Philadelphia at the very bottom.

Mary is very richly dressed, a beautiful dress with a slightly off the the shoulders cut, full skirt and pantalettes.  She wears a gold chain.  Her hairstyle is similar to an adult female, pulled back and into a bun.  Very difficult to see, but there is a pocket on her skirt, close to the chair.  This photo even has the hint of pink in her cheeks – usually added by hand after the photo was taken.

Without more information I could find nothing new about Mary – her parents, who she married, any children she might have had.  But we can enjoy this reminder of a long ago day.

Scan062 1

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  1. Just want you to know the joy it brings me to look at the old photos you post, as well as your descriptions! Thanks so much.

  2. I did find this information- which could prove helpful, per GENWEB
    Mary Rees born in 1857 in England/Wales census

    Father: Morgan Rees (31)
    Mother: Elizabeth Rees (27)

    Siblings: Elizabeth Ann (6)
    Mary Rees (4)
    Ann Jennet (2)

    So if this is the same Mary, she was the middle child of the couple above. Perhaps they moved to the USA shortly after the Wales census.
    Or, it could be a different Mary. The birth date does match the picture !

    What a lovely little girl. Thanks for sharing!


  3. That is my family name from Wales Are they from PA? My name is Elizabeth Ann, This little girl looks like my daughter, Lynley Morgan Collins. Named her after a great grandfather. Any more information about this?

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