Marriage Records

1796-1797 Mercer County Marriages

The following is a list of marriages performed by John M. Grant for 1796 and very early 1797 in Mercer County, Kentucky.  We are most thankful for these old bits of paper with these priceless records written on them!

Scan070This is my return of the persons whom by the public authority I have married in Mercer County.

Thomas Licks and Mary Clark – July the 21, 1796

Julius Gibson and Elizabeth Jackman – October the 13, 1796

Edward Pennington and Martha Bilba – November the 17, 1796

Archibald Bilba and Polly Gill – December the 22, 1796

Jeremiah Owens and Sally Moss – December the 22, 1796

Thomas Sparrow and Elizabeth Hanks – October the 20, 1796

Reuben Riggs and Catherine Salling – November the 17, 1796

William Sallee and Polly Bottom – February the 23, 1797

John M. Grant

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