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Early 1900’s Wedding Photo

Scan081 1A lovely wedding photo from a bygone era!  Was the bride a bit fatigued by this point?  She is lovely in her lacy white dress and veil – if you look closely the embellishments are quite beautiful!  She holds a huge bouquet of roses, and several are placed near her and the groom on the floor – those of the attendants.  Her groom is very handsome, but seems to be wearing his boutonniere on the wrong lapel!  Perhaps that was the fashion of the day!

Photo was taken by Pulaski Photography, 957 Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.

Today is our anniversary – 35 years!  I thought a wedding photo appropriate!

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  1. Congratulations on your anniversary! The wedding photo is lovely and is a great way to celebrate . I was born in Chicago in 1932! Thank you for all the beautiful and meaningful photographs you share with all of us. Marilyn

  2. Happy 35th Anniversary, another wonderful day to remember. Cousin Dotie Porter Himes, and husband John.

  3. I am amazed at all the beautiful photos of cemeteries, monuments, and obits in this “issue” of the KKG…it took me at least 20 min to scroll through all of it. I am new to this group and wonder if you have ever done any research in Bourbon Co KY? My 5 x grandmother, Ann Booth, was born in Bourbon Co in 1802 and they (her parents, James and Caty Booth) lived there until about 1814, when they moved to Missouri. At the same time, there was another James Booth who lived in Bourbon Co. Both of these James Booth’s were in the Revolutionary War, having enlisted in Richmond County, VA, on the same day. One stayed in Bourbon Co KY, and the other moved on to St. Charles/Pike Co, MO.

    Thanks again for an interesting “issue” on-line.

    Beth Haring, Lincoln NE

    • Beth,

      Yes, I have researched in Bourbon County, Kentucky, but found no Booth’s among my cemetery photos. Of course, for those who moved on to Missouri there may be none. If I find something I will certainly let you know!

      Happy researching!
      Kentucky Kindred Genealogy

  4. All these photos are so beautiful but they make me kind of sad that we don’t have any names for them.

  5. Love this site.
    I’m collecting research on the Cowan/Stockton/Phillips/Lowhorn Families of early Clinton Co KY. (located on TN border)
    Can anyone describe a typical rural wedding of the early 1900’s in said county.
    Thank you,

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