Happy Mother’s Day!

Scan_Pic0132Mom under her catalpa tree.

As the third Mother’s Day rolls around since my mom’s death, the day doesn’t have quite the meaning it did.  Mom loved Mother’s Day – the flowers, the dinner, the presents – but most of all, all her family in her house together!  She loved being a mother – a grandmother – a great-grandmother – and a surrogate mother to anyone who needed her!  Yellow roses were her favorite – but anything with a bloom was a treasure.

Scan_Pic0127One year my son Linton brought her orange lilies.  She planted them in what originally was the fish pond – a concrete rectangle about two feet deep.  They spread and spread – every year having more and more plants and blooms.  Of course, the growth may have been helped by all the cats that were buried in ‘the pond’!  Mom was notorious for having a cat find a warm spot under the hood or on the tire of her car!

Two more great-grandchildren have been born since mom has gone – one, my own grandson, Julian!  She loved babies so much!  Now we have two more on the way!  The grandchildren are rather like the lilies – multiplying exponentially!

Give your mom an extra hug today if she is still with you.  Remember to ask her all the questions you can about her life, her parents life – anything she can remember.  You will be glad you did one day.  And, take her a pot of orange lilies!


6 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!”

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    Good one for your mom, and all those like her. And a Happy Mother’s Day to you.

    cousin Dick Linton

  2. Happy Mother’s Day to you also !

    My Mother is no longer with us either and I concur, it just isn’t the same for me. I miss her just as much today as I did when she passed in 86.
    What a true testament it is to these wonderful Mothers who have long passed but are still terribly missed.
    I love being a Mother!!!!!


    1. Happy Mothers Day too, and thanks for the beautiful tribute to your Mom and all Moms from Dottie Porter Himes

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