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The Flanagan Family of Marion County

James Tarrence Flanagan and Elizabeth Roney

James Tarrence Flanagan was born in Cork County, Ireland, in 1760.  His oath of Fidelity is recorded in Baltimore County, Maryland, in 1778.  He married Elizabeth Roney about 1786, and by 1790 they were living in Kentucky.  The Flanagans first moved to Mercer County, and in 1797 moved to Washington County, the area that would become Marion County in 1834.  James Flanagan bought a small farm of 107 acres between the small towns of St. Joe and Raywick.  Tarrence and Elizabeth had ten children:  Patrick married Catherine French; Mary married James McAlister; James remained single; John married Sussana Buckman; Margaret remained single; Nancy married John Mills, Jr.; Stephen remained single; Elizabeth married George Buckman; Catherine became Sister Bibanna; and Benedict married Mary Jane Russell.

Benedict Joseph Flanagan and Mary Jane Russell

Benedict J. Flanagan, born February 8, 1812, died April 30, 1874.  St. Charles Catholic Cemetery, St. Mary, Marion County, Kentucky.  ‘A faithful husband by my side, he filled our house with glee, but now our homes are on distant tides and as a far distant be.’

According to tax records, Benedict Joseph Flanagan, Sr., purchased a farm two and one half miles from St. Mary, Kentucky, on Hardins Creek, in 1844.  It is the Flanagan farm located now on Sam Browning Road.  Benedict married Mary Jane Russell in 1845, daughter of James and Nancy (Mudd) Russell.

Mother, Mary J. Flanagan, December 3, 1825 – July 18, 1894.  At rest.

Ten children were born of this union:  James Tarrence married Eliza Walker

James T. Flanagan, August 13, 1847 – February 27, 1919.  Anna Eliza, his wife, March 13, 1859 – August 6, 1944.

William Patrick married Mildred Hollis; John Albert married Eliza Hamilton; Amanda Catherine married William C. Hamilton; Elizabeth Frances married Jim Ed Mattingly; Benedict Jr., married Nannie Pike

Benedict J. Flanagan, 1864-1935.  Nannie V. Pike, his wife, 1866-1934.

Annie Mary married Bernard Mattingly; Charles Kendrick married Florence Clayton; Sarah Eliza remained single and Thomas David married Louise Cynthia Pike.

Thomas David Flanagan and Louise Cynthia Pike

Thomas D. Flanagan, 1869-1947.  Lula C. Pike, his wife, 1870-1921.

Thomas David Flanagan married Cynthia Louise Pike, daughter of John Pike and Anna Minerva (Vittitow) Pike.  Six children were born to this union:  Mary Lea became Sister Mary Angela; Joseph Elbert married Mary Burke; Joseph Edward married Catherine Roberta Mudd; Althea David married Joseph William Ray; John Thomas married Roberta O’Bryan and Ida married Ernest Byrley.

Joseph E. Flanagan, Sr., June 18, 1900 – August 8, 1988.  Catherine Roberta, September 29, 1909 – March 30, 1993.

In 1947, Thomas David Flanagan deeded to his son, Joseph Edward, the farm.  Joseph Edward Flanagan, Sr., married Catherine Roberta Mudd, daughter of Martin John and Teresa Barbara Blandford Mudd, on November 25, 1937.  Their eight children include:  Joseph Edward, Jr., married Carolyn Hardy; Francis Jerome married Mary Ann Rice; Mary Cecilia married Kenneth Slater; Frances Patricia married David Langley; Barbara Alice married Benedict Miles; Charles Louis married Alice Peters; Dorothy Jean married David Kehm; Teresa Martin married Larry Richard Hawkins.

A later descendant, Charles Gerard Flanagan, bought the Flanagan farm and built a new home on the location of the original Flanagan homestead.  The Flanagan farm has been in the same name for 156 years.

Information from History of Marion County Kentucky Volume I, compiled by the Marion County Historical Society.  All photos taken by Ritchey and Phyllis Brown, Kentucky Kindred Genealogy, at St. Charles Catholic Cemetery in St. Mary, Marion County, Kentucky.  This was my home parish for many years.

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  1. My grandmother is one if the lost that is buried there. The times of 1933 and leaving behind 6 children were the reason a stone couldn’t be purchased. God bless her soul.

  2. Oh how I wish I could find the resting place of my grandmother at St.Charles. I would love to be able to have a monument put at her grave.

  3. Are there any male Flanagan line descendants of this line living? I descend from John Flanagan who settled in Russell County Kentucky, my third great grandfather (his son) married Mildred “Milly” French, the sister of Catherine French who married Patrick Flanagan mentioned at the beginning of this article. As for as I know, my Russell County Flanagans have no direct connection with the Marion County Flanagans, except for the French family connection. However, I am in contact with descendants of Patrick and Catherine who also share atDNA with me and shared this with one, as we have never found any Kentucky descendant of this line, so finding this page was a “be still my heart” moment. I also admin the Flanagan Y-DNA Project and am a co-admin for a project called the Sons of Aodh, both at Family Tree DNA. I tested the Y-DNA of 3 lines descendant from Bryant Flanagan. Two of those fall into a Y-DNA pattern associated with NW Ireland and we seem to be pinpointing Galway, Mayo, and Donegal as where my line originated. Descants of multiple branches descended from the oldest son do not match those of the other 2 but does match the French surname. If there are any male direct paternal line descendants of Terrance Flanagan I would love for them to consider a Y-DNA test. I have started subsidizing tests (a modest amount) for folks in Northwest Ireland and Ulster, but I am also very interested in early Kentucky lines, of which this is one, and mine another – others were the Flanagans in the Winchester area, the Flanagans in Barren County, and there was also a Dominick Flanagan who received a land grant in the Fayette County area for Revolutionary War service. I would love to connect with Flanagans of any early Kentucky lines.

    • I believe that my 4th great grandfather was James Tarrence Flanagan married to Elizabeth Roney; my 3rd great grandfather was Patrick H. Flanagan (born in KY; died in IN) married to Catherine French; my 2nd great grandmother Malinda Flanagan married to Joseph Wilson (Harrison County, Indiana). Is this information of any use to you? FR

  4. Patrick Flanagan & Catherine French. Patrick was a older brother of Benedict Joseph Flanagan 1812-1874, my Great Grandfather, their father was James Tarrence Flanagan 1760 Cork Co Ireland, took fidelity oath Baltimore Maryland 1778, married Elizabeth Ronny also from Ireland in 1786. James Tarrence & Elizabeth owned 107 acre farm in Marion Co Ky. their son Benedict Joseph Flanagan & Mary Jane Russell also owned farm & lived in Marion Co Ky,their son James Terrance Flanagan & Anna Elizabeth Walker owned mercantile store in St Mary ,Marion Co KY and his daughter was Mary Addie Flanagan married James Hardesty Peterson, my parents, I am James Hardesty Peterson Jr. from Marion Co Ky. live in Louisville Ky

    • Hi James! I think we’ve communicated in the past and if I remember correctly, Ben Peterson was your father. Is that right? I have some pictures of Ben along with my father, John Richard Flanagan, who was Ben’s first cousin, and my dad’s sister, Rosemary. Then I have another one of my dad, Ben and Betty Ruth Abel – who I’m thinking is another first cousin – daughter of Bert and Anna Mary Abel perhaps? Anyway, I’d love to reconnect with you. Pat Flanagan Mikels

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