Marriage Records

Marriages By John Rice – 1815 and 1816

Scan156Mercer County, Kentucky

A list of marriages for the year 1815

  • January 16th – John Davis and Ann Thomas
  • January 21st – Charles Hawthorn and Polly Page
  • February 22nd – Joab Green and Patsey Askins
  • March 8th – James Sanders and Susan Odel
  • March 18th – Stephen Lyon and Sally Veach
  • April 28th – Daniel Dunklin and Emily Maby
  • July 3rd – Francis Cook and Sally Moseby
  • August 8th – James Sportsman and Anna B. Halligan
  • November 29th – John Holligan and Fanny Godfrey
  • November 21st – Wiley Newton and Milly Cousins
  • December 7th – Isaac Pritchet and Matilda Rogers
  • December 12th – Ezekiel Fisher and Ann Watson (or Watkins)

And for the year 1816

  • March 17th – George B. Thompson and Lucy T. Timberlake
  • March 24th – Lewis Moore and Betsey Greyham
  • August 6th – Charles Hungate and Catherine Odel
  • August 29th – William Haley and Eliza Roachell
  • September 23rd – John Kinnear and Sally Lyon
  • September 25th – Benjamin Elkin and Nancy Gordon
  • October 14th – Amos Gutton and Betsey Holt
  • October 9th – William Rose and Polly Everly
  • December 28th – Israel Massy and Sally Darnaby
  • December 26th – John Delore and Franky Page
  • December 12th – Robert Robards and Nancy Piper
  • December 17th – George Combs and Susan Eperly

John Rice

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  1. Hi I’m Doug Gash I live in Columbus,Ga my family are from mercer and Anderson county .My dad was William Guy Gash born in Anderson county, my mothers maiden name was Peyton she was also born in Anderson and but raised in mercer. My mom and dad was raised in the Kirkwood area of mercer county and in there early life in Ballard area of Anderson county.My grandfather was William Guy Gash Sr and Walter Raymond Peyton.My uncle R D Peyton lived his entire life in Mercer county.If you happen to run across any information on my family I would appreciate letting me have a wonderful site and great information thank you so much for all the hard work God bless. Douglas G Gash

  2. Ms. Brown, When researching for marriage banns, and notes from ministers, do you get better results at the county court house than at the State Archives? I’m thinking the best places for uncovering these would be at the courthouse or perhaps a county historical society?
    Thanks. George

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