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Photo of Little One from Columbus, Ohio

scan218-1Look at this adorable little girl!  Perched on the arm of a chair, with her heavy coat and hat – she’s ready for the winter.  The colorful plaid bow brightens up the dark color of her coat.  And her little boots!  Why do I always think they are so cute!

We actually have a name – Pauline Joyce.  It is written on the top of the back, and then in pencil there are other writings, hard to read.  I believe it says 78 Smith Place – which could be an address.  This writing is like that of a young child.

The photographer’s last name was Laugherty – and his shop was located on North High Street in Columbus, Ohio.

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  1. Ok, so the detective in me just had to look up the address on Smith St.

    I wonder if this is where the little girl in the picture lived so long ago.

    The time period fits for sure. Just thought I’d send it along . Tried to put my reply on your blog but it wouldn’t show the picture.

    Have a great day. Kathy

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