Bainbridge Family of Owen County


Beautiful family stone for the Bainbridge family.  Owenton I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Owen County, Kentucky.

Today I would like to share the family story and gravestone photos of the Erastus Bainbridge and Sarah Foster family of Owen County, Kentucky.  Erastus was the son of Absalom Bainbridge and Elizabeth Beatty.  Sarah was the daughter of Isaac Foster and Sarah Hart.  Erastus and Sarah had three sons, Eusebius Clay, Isaac Foster and Leonidas.


Isaac Foster Bainbridge, August 29, 1825 – October 25, 1844

Isaac was the first member of the family to pass away – at the young age of 19.

In the 1850 Census of Owen County Erastus is listed as 48, a farmer; Sarah is also 48; Eusebius, 21, is a physician; and Leonidas is 12.  Son Isaac died in 1844 at the age of 19.  The 1840 Census gives one male under five, one male 5-9, one male 10-14, and one male 30-39, and one female 30-39; 13 slaves served the family.  The 1830 Census gives two males under five, one male 20-29, and one male 20-29; seven slaves served the family.  There is a ten year gap between the births of Eusebius and Leonidas – could there have been other children that didn’t survive infancy?


Erastus Bainbridge, December 1, 1801 – December 12, 1858

Erastus Bainbridge can be found in the vital statistics records for 1858.  At the age of 58 he died on December 12, 1858, of chronic bronchitis.  He was buried in the Owenton I.O.O.F. Cemetery (International Order of Odd Fellows – a community group much like the Rotarians or Jaycees of today).


Leonidas Bainbridge, March 24, 1838 – May 4, 1876

Leonidas Bainbridge died May 4, 1876, at the age of 38.


Sarah M. Bainbridge, August 30, 1802 – February 15, 1879

Sarah Bainbridge lived almost another twenty years after her husband’s death.  She died February 15, 1879.  Sarah was buried beside her husband.

Eusebius Clay Bainbridge married Sarah A. Doxon.  They had three children – Hattie, Erastus and Paul.  Hattie married Luke Oboussier Cox; Erastus married Mary Webster, November 19, 1908.  Erastus and Mary Bainbridge had three children – Mary (married a Green), Louise (married a Lawton) and Sue (married a Cammack).


Eusebuis Clay Bainbridge, November 14, 1828 – July 20, 1905

Eusebius Clay Bainbridge’s will was written April 20, 1905, and he died three months later.

bainbridge-will-1I, E. C. Bainbridge, do make this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all others.

First, I direct that all of my just debts shall be paid, together with such expenses as are incidental to the settlement of my will, including a suitable monument to be erected on my lot in the cemetery at Owenton, Kentucky.  After this I will and direct that all of my property, real, personal and mixt, wherever situated or the proceeds thereof shall be divided equally among my three children, Hattie B. Cox, Erastus Bainbridge and Paul Bainbridge, share and share alike.

Second – my farm situated in Owen County, Kentucky, upon which I now reside has been in the family for many years.  It is my desire that it remain so, if deemed advisable by my executor, and to that end I desire that if my son Erastus, who lives with me upon the said farm, shall want to purchase the interest of his brother and sister that they may sell their interest to him at a fair price to be arrived at among themselves.

Third – if any executors deem it wise or expedient to sell any or all of my estate for the

bainbridge-will-2-1purpose of paying my debts or to settle my estate advantageously, I hereby authorize and empower him to see any or all of my estate as he may deem necessary, and hereby empower him to sell and convey by deed any or all of my real estate as he may deem necessary and divide the proceeds of all property sold by him equally among my said three children.

Fourth – I appoint my son Erastus Bainbridge executor of this my will and I direct that no bond be required of him and that no inventory or appraisement be made of my estate.

Given under my hand this April 20, 1905.

E. C. Bainbridge

Dr. E. C. Bainbridge singed this as his will in our presence and we attested the same by his request in his presence and in the presence of each other.

                            Flonian Cox, J. W. Cammack

State of Kentucky, County of Owen

I, R. J. Walker, clerk of the county court for the county and state aforesaid, do certify that an instrument of writing purporting to be the last will and testament of E. C. Bainbridge, deceased, was this day presented in open court and filed, read and proven by the oath of J. W. Cammack, one of the subscribing witnesses thereto who also proved the signature of Flonian Cox, the other subscribing witness thereEo, that they signed said instrument in his presence and at his request and that he signed same in their presence and that they all signed in the presence of each other.  Whereupon that same is allowed as and for the last will and testament of said decedent and admitted to record as such.

Given under my hand this September 25, 1905.

R. J. Walker, Clerk, by Walter Wilhoite, D. C.

bainbridge-death-cert-1Erastus Bainbridge, son of Eusebius C. Bainbridge and Sallie Doxon, died June 22, 1916.  His death certificate listed his parents, says that he died of heart block, was married, a farmer, and was 55 years, 10 months and 2 days of age.


Erastus Bainbridge, 1860 – 1916


Mary Webster Bainbridge, 1893-1919

His wife Mary Webster Bainbridge died three years later.

The last three stones I have to share with you are two of the daughters of Erastus and Mary Bainbridge, and Sue Bainbridge’s husband.


Mary Bainbridge Green, February 16, 1910 – November 30, 1928


Sue Bainbridge Cammack, March 15, 1916 – August 27, 1985


William Lorenzo Cammack, Jr., June 2, 1912 – March 8, 1983

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