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Merry Christmas – The Mountain Eagle 1910


A cute Christmas message from The Mountain Eagle, 1910.  The old newspapers hold interesting ways the holidays were celebrated in years long ago.

from The Mountain Eagle, Whiteburg, Letcher County, Kentucky

December 22, 1910

Christmas Stocking

It is almost Christmas.  We hardly can wait to hang up the stockings alongside the grate.  A bustle and sparkle pervades all around; the fir trees are cut and there’s snow on the ground.  The children excited and thrilled with delight, are dreaming of Santa Claus all through the night.  They wake up and listen to sounds on the roof which is to their fancies a reindeer’s wee hoof.  The old folks, more eager than even the tots, are burning with secrets, and brimming with plots.  Mince pies in the pantry, delicious and sweet, of mothers own making are ready to eat.  It almost is Christmas, St. Nick in his sleigh, all loaded with treasures is coming this way.  His reindeer are flying, a day or two more and down through the chimney bound to the floor.  And then if the stockings are not in their place, in sorrow he’ll vanish and leave not a trace.  So, hang up the stockings by chimneys with care, the night before Christmas St. Nick will be there!

Merry Christmas!

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