Old Photos

Sweet Family Photo From Crookston Minnesota

minI simply love this family photo!  Mom and dad and the wee one in between.  The lad wears the Little Lord Fauntleroy outfit of the time period.  You can see a hint of the large, leg ‘o mutton sleeves, on the woman’s dress.  And notice the wide tie the father is wearing.

This in itself would be a lovely image to share with you – but I have more!  There are names and other information on the back!

min-2At the very top you can read the last name Taylor.  Grand Dada and Grandmama is written, then crossed out.  The photo was taken January 14th, 1894, in Crookston, Minnesota, by Chafin Photography.  Archie is 2 years old, 6 months and 20 days.  Minnie is 23 years old, 10 months and 21 days.  Jim is 30 years, 3 months and 9 days.  It is exciting to have so much information written on the photo!

taylor-1900With just a short search I found the family in the 1900 census in Spokane, Washington.

James Taylor is listed as 36, born September of 1863, and he and his wife have been married 10 years.  He was born in Canada, his father in Canada and his mother in Ireland.  He immigrated to the United States in 1870 at the age of six.  James is a carriage painter.

Christiana, his wife, (probably known by Minnie) is 30, born in March of 1870, has born and has one child living.  She was born in Minnesota, but her parents were born in Norway.  This would give an explanation of the Grand Dada and Grandmama written on the photo – not your usual grandpa and grandma – it sounds a bit more old-worldish.

Their son, James A., is 9, born in May of 1891.

Even though this is a different locale from when the picture was taken in 1894, it is very possible that the family moved from Minnesota to Washington.

min-3This is the registration card for James Archie Taylor for World War I.  He is still living in Spokane.  His birthdate is May 25, 1891; a natural born citizen from Minneapolis, Minnesota.  He is a labor foreman with the Hillyard Company.  He has a wife, Hazel, and daughter to take care of.  His description is stout, with blue eyes and light colored hair.

min-4This is Archie’s World War II registration card.  He is now living in Montana, and car foreman is his occupation.

And thus we can make a little more of this photo than just picture from older days.  We should all write such information on the back of our photos – that is the ones printed out!  I suppose since we live in such a digital world most of our photos are stored on our computers or Ipads or phones.  Perhaps they could be saved with more information!

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