Haydon Y. Grubbs

IMG_8255Haydon Y. Grubbs, 1st Lieutenant 6th Regiment, U. S. A., killed October 1, 1899, leading a charge near La Carlota, Negros, Philippine Islands.

Haydon Y. Grubbs was the son of William Edward Grubbs and Desdemona Young.  William was born September 23, 1843, in Louisa County, Virginia.  He entered the United States Army as a private with Company E of the 56th Virginia Infantry July 9, 1861, and rose to the rank of sergeant.  Desdemona was born November 5, 1850, in Indiana.  The two were married November 12, 1867, in Boyle County, Kentucky.  There they raised a family that included  Edward Lee, Lily L., Bertha V. and Dewitt C. T., in addition to Haydon.

Haydon followed his fathers footsteps into the military during the Spanish American War and was killed October 1, 1899, while leading a charge in the Philippines.

IMG_8257H. Y. Grubbs, November 27, 1872 – Oceober 1, 1899

IMG_8258Mrs. W. E. Grubbs, born November 5, 1850, died July 27, 1899

IMG_8259Captain W. E. Grubbs, 1843-1911

The family is buried in Bellevue Cemetery, Danville, Boyle County, Kentucky.

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