First Members of New Providence Presbyterian Church – Born Before 1800 – Volume 6

The fifth installment of the original members of New Providence Presbyterian Church, Mercer County, Kentucky, who were born before 1800.  Today birth dates are 1784-1788.  The previous installments can be viewed –Volume 1 and Volume 2 and Volume 3 and Volume 4 and Volume 5.  Still more too come – I have at least 30 more photos!  These stones have aged well over the many years, they have withstood the elements.

Gen. Robert B. McAfee, born February 18, 1784, died March 12, 1849.  New Providence Cemetery, Mercer County, Kentucky.

In memory of Clarke McAfee, who departed this life August 31, in the 1827 in the 42nd year of his age (born 1785).  Son of James McAfee.

Dicey McAfee, born September 28, 1785, died August 31, 1861.

Rachel, wife of Samuel Bunton, born September 1, 1786, died July 9, 1859.  Daughter of Thomas Wilson.

Peyton R. Graham, born July 17, 1786, died October 5, 1823.

Martha Ryan, wife of D. Ryan, born May 4, 1787, died October 8, 1853.

David Ryan, born November 12, 1788, died November 30, 1855.

J. M. Woods, born September 30, 1788, died September 8, 1858.





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