Old Photo of Sweet Older Couple from Crawfordsville Indiana

couple-1Don’t you just love this photo?  This little old woman and little old man are just adorable!  The flowing beard of the gentleman looks as if it would be soft to the touch.  Neither of my grandfathers had beards – I’ve always wanted to touch one of this length.  At one time my son’s beard was about this length – very thick and full – but not the soft white hair of the aged.  Both have kind eyes, and, I’m sure, gentle souls.  The scissors brooch at the woman’s neck must be in evidence of her prowess as a seamstress!  I saw a similar one on Ebay and Google.  I would date this photo to the early 1880’s.

We don’t know the names of the couple, but we do know the photo was taken by Champion & Ficken Photographic Studio in Crawfordsville, Indiana.  Allen Champion was a photographer there 1880-1900.

Any thoughts?

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