Old Wills

Solomon Ryan – Dying of Consumption

Solomon Ryan names his illness in this 1829 will – something I have never seen before.  Ill with consumption he makes this will in preparation for his near death.  Solomon must have been a young man, having only one child and one on the way.  Interesting that he wanted his wife to have a marriage contract if she decided to remarry, to insure that the property he gave her would remain under her control.

Mercer County Will Book 9, Page 274.

After having lingered for some time with the consumption, for near eighteen months, I have thought proper to make my will as follows.

First.  I will my body to the grave and my soul to God.

Second.  I will all my personal estate to my beloved wife, Elizabeth, after my just debts are paid.

Third.  I wish my land to be equally divided between my wife and child or children.

Fourth.  If my child or children or either of them should die before they arrive at the age of twenty-one, or without issue at the time of their death, in that case their part of the land is to go to my beloved wife, she to have that as well as her own part to dispose of at her death as she thinks proper.

Fifth.  It is my will and desire that if my beloved wife should get married that she use this precaution to have a marriage contract so as to secure her own estate within her own control.

Sixth.  I wish my wife to be permitted to qualify as Executor without given security.

Seventh.  I further wish no sale to take place of my estate further than in my wife’s judgement shall be necessary.

Given under my hand and seal this tenth July 1829.

Solomon Ryan

Test.  Chr. Chinn, I. L. Sutfield, R. M. Sutfield

Mercer County Set, February’s County Court, 1830

The forgoing last will and testament of Solomon Ryan, deceased, was this day produced into court and proved by the oaths of Isaac and Richard Sutfield and Chr. Chinn, subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded.

Att.  Thomas Allin

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