Newspaper Articles

Newsworthy Items From the 1911 Central Record of Garrard County

Don’t you just love the old newspaper articles from small towns?  The larger towns give their space to more particular items of state and country, but the small town newspaper gives us a glimpse of everyday life!

from The Central Record, Lancaster, Garrard County, Kentucky

Friday, November 3, 1911

Change of Residences

Mr. Henry Simpson, having sold his residence on Richmond Avenue to Mrs. J. C. Robinson, is moving into the house recently completed by Mr. S. G. Haselden on South Campbell Street.  Mrs. Robinson will move into her property purchased of Mr. Simpson, and Mayor H. T. Logan and family, who have had rooms at the Kengarian, will occupy the property vacated by Mrs. Robinson.

Another Good Road

The ‘Old Danville Pike’ from the square to the county line has been reconstructed, thus adding one more to Garrard County’s rapidly increasing number of good turnpikes.  Automobiles, which have heretofore been compelled to go around by Camp Dick Robinson in going to Danville, will now find a splendid road in the newly constructed Danville Pike.  Squire Bourne is looking after and repairing the culverts on the Kirksville and the Richmond Pike and doing everything possible to place just as much of our turnpike system in the best possible condition for winters as is in his power.

Gaines Annual Corn Show

Edward C. Gaines has announced his annual corn show for the farmers of Garrard County, the premiums to be awarded on next county court day, November 27th.  Mr. Gaines instituted this custom several years ago and each year he offers liberal premiums for the best corn produced by Garrard County farmers.  The event has come to be looked forward to by the farmers and considerable good-natured rivalry exists among them as to who shall produce the best corn.  Last year Mr. David Dudderar claims that the corn which secured the premium was raised by him, but was shown by one of his neighbors.

Popular Young Teacher Injured

Last Monday morning Miss Allie Hendren was painfully injured by the overturning of her buggy in which she was going to her school at the Davidson School House on the Buckeye Pike.  Miss Hendren cannot tell how the accident happened as she was rendered unconscious by the fall from the vehicle, and her small brother, Owen, who was driving, has but a vague recollection as to how it happened.  The horse either became frightened and ran and kicked, or in passing another vehicle their buggy struck the hub and was overturned, throwing the occupants out.  Miss Allie was bruised about the head and back and was brought to the Lancaster hospital.  Owen received a slightly sprained wrist and slight bruises.  The buggy was a complete wreck.

Judge Walker Recovered

Judge Walker has sufficiently recovered as to be able to go to Crab Orchard Springs for a recuperative stay.  His nurse was dismissed last Sunday.  And here let us say just a word in regard to nursing; typhoid fever is a disease which requires the most careful nursing, in fact as much if not more depends upon the nurse than the physician.  Judge Walker secured the services of Miss Margaretta Smith of Richmond, Kentucky, who is one of the very best trained nurses obtainable, and to her never relaxing care and attention is due Judge Walker’s rapid and complete recovery.  Miss Smith is a daughter of the late J. Speed Smith, who was well known and had many friends in Garrard County, and aside from her splendid qualifications as a nurse is a lady of much grace and refinement, and during her stay in Lancaster made many warm friends, who will regret exceedingly that her stay among us cannot be a permanent one.

Sister of Captain I. M. Myers Dead

The remains of Mrs. Mary W. Livingston were brought here Tuesday from Galveston, Texas, and interred in the Lancaster Cemetery.  The cause of Mrs. Livingston’s death was not known by her relatives here.  The deceased was 69 years of age and was a former resident of the Bryantsville section of this county, being a daughter of the late Isaac Myers, and a sister of Captain Ike M. Myers of near Lancaster.  She married James L. Livingston, who is a brother of Rev. J. G. Livingston, the well-known Christian minister of the Goshen vicinity.  The Livingstons moved to Texas from this county many years ago.

‘The Frost Is On The Pumpkin’

Heavy frosts in the last week ripened pumpkins, possums and persimmons and many parties are visiting the mountains in search of the latter two delicacies.  Especially are these excursions popular with the country lads and lassies and scarcely a day passes that a party is not seen going in the direction of Cartersville in search of chestnuts.

No Place Like Old Kentucky

Mr. C. D. Powell has returned from a several months’ visit to relatives in Oregon.  He tells us that his son, Robert Powell, has purchased property and is making his home in Oakland, that he and his wife are well pleased with the country and will make it their future home.  Mr. Powell was well pleased with the country, but not well enough to desert old Kentucky.


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