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Happy Wedding Day – March 22nd

Today Ritchey and I celebrate our 36th wedding anniversary!  How swiftly the years have gone by – and I love him more dearly now than then.  I share with you today other couples married on March 22nd – including my second great-grandparents Samuel Riley White and Martha Lewis.

Bourbon Cty., KY Vachel Lindsey married Anna Cushenberry 22 Mar 1792
Mercer Cty., KY Peter VanNuy married Deborah Demott 22 Mar 1792
Scott Cty., KY Matthias Craygmuyle married Eliza Beatty 22 Mar 1796
Mercer Cty., KY Charles Huff married Polly New 22 Mar 1796
Green Cty., KY Adam Bleakman married Catrine McKinney 22 Mar 1797
Mercer Cty., KY William Lawson married Elizabeth Adkerson 22 Mar 1797
Mercer Cty., KY James Brisby married Betsy Phillips 22 Mar 1798
Harrison Cty., KY John Fightmaster married Catherine Mefford 22 Mar 1799
Mercer Cty., KY Christopher Vanarsdall married Lydia Collier 22 Mar 1799
Ohio Pardon Taber married Rachel White 22 Mar 1800
Mercer Cty., KY Tunis VanNuy married Katy Demaree 22 Mar 1802
Pendleton Cty., KY John Gibson married Nancy Hampton 22 Mar 1803
Mercer Cty., KY John Lewelling married Nancy Bottom 22 Mar 1804
Mercer Cty., KY Samuel R. Demaree married Nancy McCormack 22 Mar 1806
Lincoln Cty., KY John Newcom married Mary Farris 22 Mar 1807
Washington Cty., KY James Lockhart married Eliza Nicholson 22 Mar 1808
Washington Cty., KY Samuel R. White married Martha Lewis 22 Mar 1827
Washington Cty., KY George W. Worland married Ann Spalding 22 Mar 1830
Washington Cty., KY Richard Wright married Clarissa Lancaster 22 Mar 1830
Logan County P. F. Aingel married Caroline Rose 22 Mar 1838
Washington Cty., KY Samuel Selecman married Mahala Lewis 22 Mar 1841
Washington Cty., KY Thomas H. Crume married Rachel E. Moore 22 Mar 1860
Washington Cty., KY Joseph M. Hyatt married Amanda Moore 22 Mar 1860
Washington Cty., KY George W. Hardin married Julia A. Hardin 22 Mar 1864
Washington Cty., KY William M. Hardin married Susan L. Hardin 22 Mar 1865
Washington Cty., KY John S. Moore married Sarah W. Gregory 22 Mar 1866
Washington Cty., KY Thomas A. Hungate married Catherine Hays 22 Mar 1876
Washington Cty., KY Daniel Conder married Rachel Lawon 22 Mar 1877
Washington Cty., KY James L. Martin married Perlina Kays 22 Mar 1877
Washington Cty., KY George W. Lambert married Mary L. Scruggs 22 Mar 1885
Washington Cty., KY Daniel C. Jennings married Dernsia J. Redish 22 Mar 1888
Washington Cty., KY John W. Burton married Eliza A. Greenwood 22 Mar 1891
Marion Cty., KY C. C. Grubbs married Sarah Cooley 22 Mar 1894

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  1. Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful gift – loving each other more each year. Thank you for sharing. Marilyn

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