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Lace, Ruffles and More Lace

I purchased this wonderful photo just today at J. Sampson Antiques and Books on Main Street in Harrodsburg – another of our treasures!  As I walked through the store after checking through the books (found one on Scott County history, the Wilderness Road, Shakertown and the old Mud Meeting House), I saw this picture and fell in love!

This woman is quite beautiful – a classic beauty with a romantic hair style.  But her dress steals the show.  The high collar, ruffled cuffs, the entire dress is lace, lace and more lace.  And in the beautiful white of the turn of the 20th century.  How I wish we knew her name.  I suppose she will remain the beautiful mystery woman!

Have a wonderful Friday!

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  1. She looks like a young Eunice Barnett Elliott (my husband’s great grandmother). Eunice lived from 1860-1945 and is buried at Spring Hill cemetery in Harrodsburg. The main identifier that I compared is their left ear lobes, which are very unique and very similar between the lady in your picture and Eunice.

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