Old Photos

Old Photograph from W. E. Johns in Lexington

I share with you today this very interesting photo.  This is definitely a cabinet card photo – not sure why that is written on the front of the card instead of the photographer’s name – but the clothes and hairstyle of the woman portrayed do not reflect the 1870 to 1900 time period for this type of photography.

The appearance of this woman’s neck is unusual for this time period.  Usually women wore collars high on their necks, almost to the chin.  And the material of the clothing is very different from what is normally seen.  She is quite lovely and has that tantalizing hint of a smile playing upon her lips.

The cabinet card was introduced in the United States in 1867, gained popularity from 1878 to 1897, and was used occasionally until about 1900.

This particular card has a gold beveled edge which dates it from 1885-1900.  The centered monogram (although the photographers name does not appear on this card) dates this to 1889-1894, and the gold foil stamped text to 1890-1900.

in the 1870’s many cabinet cards had no imprint on the back.  During the 1880’s photographers added a huge imprint, stating their name and address, filling the entire back of the card.  By the middle and late 1890’s the imprint was smaller and simpler than before.

W. E. Johns, located at 55 E. Main Street, Lexington, took this photograph – at least one hundred years ago.

Does anyone recognize this woman from Lexington, Kentucky?

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