Old Wills

Blake Arnold’s 1872 Will

Yesterday I introduced you to the family of Blake Arnold, who is buried in the Old Union Baptist Cemetery in Boyle County, Kentucky.  Today I would like to share his will, written March 19, 1872, and proved at the June 1872 Court.  Evidently he knew the time of his death was drawing near.  Nine of his ten children are listed in the will – daughter Permelia died in 1867.

I, Blake Arnold, of the County of Boyle and State of Kentucky, make this my last will and testament, revoking all others by me made.

First.  I devise to my wife, Martha Arnold, my home tract of land, about one hundred and sixty acres, during her natural life.  Five hundred dollars in cash, all of my household and kitchen furniture, one bay horse, Swiss, and duo branded gray horse, one choice cow and calf, one choice sow and pigs, one large plough and two shovel ploughs, two pair of harness, also, provisions for eighteen months after my death, six yearling ewes and buck, the cash to be paid at my death.

Second.  To my son, John Arnold, eighteen hundred dollars above all allowance, he to account out of the same for a note held against him of six hundred dollars with its interest made payable one day after date, the balance payable to hi six months after my death.

Third.  To my daughter, Mary Harmon, five hundred dollars above all previous allowances payable six months after my death.

Fourth.  To my daughter, Patsy Holland, one thousand dollars to account out of the same for a note I hold against her husband, Robert Holland, with its interest, the balance to be paid to her six months after my death.

Fifth.  To my daughter, Nancy Crain, fifteen hundred dollars above all allowances heretofore made to her, payable six months after my death.

Sixth.  The balance of my land adjoining the land allotted to my wife, about two hundred and forty acres more or less, held in common by my five sons, Samuel Arnold, James Arnold, Woodson Arnold, Robert Arnold and William Creed Arnold, until the youngest arrives to the age of twenty-one years, then to be equally divided among the said Samuel, James, Woodson, Robert and William Creed Arnold, together with all other lands and others I may possess to be equally divided among them.  When William Creed arrive at the age of twenty-one years or to sell as they may think proper, their interest to be equal in rents from my death until William Creed arrives at lawful age.  Also, the home farm at the death of my wife to be equally divided between them the said Samuel Arnold, James Arnold, Woodson Arnold, Robert Arnold and William Creed Arnold, to have out of my estate one horse worth one hundred dollars, one cow, one bed and one saddle to be worth as much as the horse, cow, saddle received by James and Woodson without charge against them in settlement of my estate.  Samuel has received his bed and cow, but no horse.

Seventh.  The residue of my estate, consisting of stock notes and cash to be converted into cash and the proceeds divided equally after paying expenses and other charges between my sons Samuel, James, Woodson, Robert and William Creed Arnold.

Eighth.  I hereby constitute and appoint my sons Samuel and Woodson Arnold and my friend William Scraggins my executors to this my last will, fully authorizing them to carry all its provisions into effect.  Given under my hand and seal this 19th day of March 1872.

Blake Arnold

Test.  S. P. Burton, S. E. Bottom

Boyle County Court

June 18 Term, 1872

I, Jonas B. Nichols, Clerk of the Boyle County Court, do certify that the forgoing will of Blake Arnold, deceased, was proven to Court at the above term and duly proven by the oaths of S. P. Burton and S. E. Bottom, the subscribing witnesses thereto, and ordered to be recorded, which is now done.

Given under my hand this 18th day of June 1872.

Jonas B. Nichols, Clerk, by R. J. Nichols, Deputy Clerk

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    • I have a Mary Arnold married to Samuel Henry Harmon; daughter Ameila Harmon born 1858, died 1925. Amelia was married to William Gray, son of Robert James Gray and Mary Elizabeth Calvert. These are Gravel Switch, Marion and Boyle people.

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