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May I Introduce Elmina Walmer

This is one of the few photographs I have that has a name listed on back.  This is Elmina Walmer.  At first I thought it was a maiden name, but you can see a wedding ring on her left hand, so perhaps she married a Walmer.  Either way, she wears an 1886 dress (give or take a few years!).  I found a photo in my copy of Joan Severa’s Dressed for the Photographer with the pleated underskirt, overskirt raised in the back, tight sleeves and bodice – and a multitude of buttons down the front.  An almost exact replica of the dress Elmina is wearing and the photo is dated 1886.

This photograph was taken by M. E. Bare, Photographer, in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania (Dauphin County).

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