Cassius Clay Foster and Drucilla White Marriage

Scan_Pic0291Marriage License

The Commonwealth of Kentucky.  To any minister of the gospel, or other person legally authorized to solemnize matrimony:

You are permitted to solemnize the rites of matrimony between Cassius C. Foster and Drucilla White, the requirements of the law having been complied with.  Witness my signature as Clerk of the Washington County Court, this 11th day of October, 1878.  W. F. Booker, Clerk.  E. W. Royalty, Deputy Clerk.

Scan_Pic0292Marriage Certificate

This is to certify that on the 20th day of October 1878, the rites of matrimony were legally solemnized by me between Cassius C. Foster and Drucilla White, at Henry Dean, Sr., in the County of Washington in the presence of Mary Robinson and George W. Robinson.  Signed Jesse S. Robinson.

Cassius Clay Foster was the son of Edmond and Tabitha Foster, born November 24, 1861, died October 30, 1922.  He is buried at Fairview Christian Church in Anderson County, just over the line from Washington County.  Drusilla White was the daughter of William White and Elizabeth Doke, born July 8, 1861, died November 13, 1901, buried at Fairview Christian.  William White was the son of Samuel Riley White and Martha Lewis.  Elizabeth Doke was the daughter of William Doke and Martha Hoskins.  According to the census records Cassius and Drusilla had at least six children:  William C., Rufus, Erastus, Hurtle, Adda and Wade H. Foster.  After Drusilla’s death Cassius married Bertha A. Keeling, with whom he had two children:  Henry A. and Effie J. Foster.

Scan_Pic1531Cassius Clay Foster, November 24, 1861 – October 30, 1922 Druscilla, wife of C. C. Foster, July 8, 1861 – November 13, 1901, Fairview Christian Cemetery, Anderson County, Kentucky

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