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What Are You Most Thankful For This Thanksgiving?

Julian, Linton, Todd and Kate

What are you most thankful for this Thanksgiving?  We all have the traditional lists of home, church, food, our beds, a job – and many other worthy things.  But what is in my heart every day of the year – not only on this one day set aside for thankfulness?  My family.  Ritchey, my precious husband of almost 37 years.  How small and lonely my life would have been without him.  And those happy faces in the above photo!  Linton and Kate our children, Todd (our more son, than son-in-law) and Julian, our adored grandson.  And one not seen in the picture, a new grandchild to be born June 22nd.  My entire life has revolved around these people.  Yes, I worked for twenty-five years and enjoyed my job, but that was not my highest priority.  Taking care of Linton and Kate while they were small, giving them all the love and confidence they would need to make it on their own; and keeping Julian until he started school in August, repeating that process with him.  All my heart and soul is infused with loving these people – and for that privilege I am eternally grateful.

So while we enjoy a luscious family feast tomorrow, and count blessings for which we are thankful, let us always remember our family – the past and the present.  If one of our ancestors had died before passing on their genes to us, we would not be who we are today.  And that goes for us, who now pass on a reassembled set of those same precious genes, shared with those of new members of the family, to a new and upcoming generation.  Family is everything!

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  1. Thanksgiving 2017 to your and your family. I thank you for all the KY -KIN pages you send, The picture of your family was great, Have a great day with your family.

    If you ever find anything on the Porter family in Taylorsville, KY, I would love it too.

    your cousin Dottie Porter Himes

  2. Thank you for sharing your precious family with us. You are indeed fortunate and blessed. It is indeed awesome to think we would not be here, as we are, if one of our ancestors had not lived to pass on his or her genes. We each are a story book of all of our ancestors. Have a blessed Thanksgiving. Marilyn

  3. Nice. Love the note. Do you do free lance ancestry? My family is SLEET from Gallatin county Ky. I visited there last month and found lots of info including Sleet house and Sleet rd in Warsaw. What would your fee be?

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  4. Very nice Thanksgiving column, and you are correct in focusing on the family. And what a fine family you have.
    Best wishes, cousin Dick Linton

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