Family Stories

Saying Goodbye to Aunt Frankie

My dear Aunt Frankie (Frances Wheatley) passed away at the end of November, aged 90 years.  My mother was the last of the brothers and sisters, and Aunt Frankie was the last of the spouses.  They were great friends in addition to being sisters-in-law.  Uncle Paul, mom’s brother, was the only remaining son after Reuben died of appendicitis, and Robert, in World War II.  According to mom they spoiled him horribly!

After their marriage, mom would stay with Paul and Frankie to help during pregnancies and after babies were born.  She and Frankie developed a very close relationship that lasted all their lives.

I remember Aunt Frankie as a superb cook.  And I loved the sound of her voice – it was very unusual.  I still remember conversations, and can hear her say to mom, ‘Now Catherine!’  Lovely memories!

This photo was taken on their wedding day in 1950.  Earl and Marie Wheatley (her parents), Aunt Frankie, Uncle Paul, Alice and Rue Carrico (my grandparents).  My little short grandmother!  She was another good cook.

Paul and Frankie had seven children, four sons and three daughters, and were married 63 years before he passed away in 2013.  What a long, wonderful life together!

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