A Trip Through Belmont Cemetery – Todd County

During our fall visit to western Kentucky we stopped at the small cemetery known as Belmont, in Todd County.  As you travel from Logan County to Todd on US79, just a couple of miles over the county line turn left onto Hwy102.  The cemetery is perhaps a mile up that road, on the left.

Susan W. Bailey, 1850-1921.

Wilson Page, born March 26, 1822, died October 21, 1883.  Susan Page, born November 24, 1825, died October 30,1897.

John S. Cunningham, March 8, 1848 – July 6, 1921.  Elizabeth, his wife, January 26, 1844 – July 12, 1919.

Patterson Allen and Sallie Ann Wims

Sallie Ann Wims, born in Todd County, Kentucky, November 29, 1817.  Wife of P. A. Wims.  (no death date).

Patterson Allen Wims, born in Albemarle County, Virginia, April 23, 1808, died in Todd County, Kentucky, June 13, 1879.

Any thoughts?

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