Old Wills

Sweet Little Cherubs

Nothing like photos of sweet little babes.  My mood is baby-minded since I will again become a grandmother any day now.  Kate’s due date is June 22nd, but sweet Persephone will come when she is ready.  And if Kate is 8 days later, as she was with Julian, I will have a perfect birthday present.  Only time will tell.  We can enjoy these photos of little ones from days gone by.

Look at those curls!  This sweet little one sports a dark jacket and skirt with a plaid bow.  This photo was taken in Covington, Kentucky, by Hodgson Photography.  Finding Kentucky photos is a bonus for me!

This photo is very faint, but I still wanted to share it.  This little one wears a long white dress with bits of lace.  Again, this photo was taken in Kentucky – in Elkton, Todd County, by W. H. Ebeling.

Look at those eyes!  The sweet face and hair!  What an adorable child.  This was taken at The Novelty Studio in Lebanon, Tennessee.

Another wee one in a long white dress.  I believe there must be a mother’s arm under that blanket – holding on to her precious child while the photo was taken by I. E. Hall, 208 Arch Street, Meadville, Pennsylvania.

Two little ones in this photo.  Look at the tiny boots!  These sweet babes were photographed by Notestein Photography located on Olive Street in Columbus, Nebraska.

Our last little one is just as precious as the others!  Look at the tiny fists!  Photo was taken at Lamson Studio, 313 S. Spring Street, Los Angeles, California.


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  1. It’s really interesting seeing how baby clothes styles have changed over time. Congrats on the new grandchild, and good luck to mom!

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