Marriage Records

Independence Day Marriages

Mercer Cty., KY Caleb Donally married Margaret Morrow 04 Jul 1789
Woodford Cty., KY George Hendricks married Catherine Bogo 04 Jul 1791
Mercer Cty., KY David Lock married Susanna McCoy 04 Jul 1793
Mercer Cty., KY Joseph McKinney married Nancy Sage 04 Jul 1795
Washington Cty., KY Samuel Grundy married Martha Logan 04 Jul 1797
Washington Cty., KY William Conway married Caty Lucas 04 Jul 1804
Washington Cty., KY William Hundley married Rachel Silvers 04 Jul 1805
Mercer Cty., KY Thomas Robinson married Margaret Harmon 04 Jul 1808
Washington Cty., KY John R. Jones married Betsy Lewis 04 Jul 1809
Washington Cty., KY James Smothers married Tighner Sapp 04 Jul 1810
Washington Cty., KY Lloyd Ray married Nancy Wickliffe 04 Jul 1811
Washington Cty., KY Jacob Houts, Jr., married Polly Creager 04 Jul 1813
Washington Cty., KY Joseph Harp married Nelly Vessels 04 Jul 1821
Washington Cty., KY Whitley Floyd married Elizabeth Mason 04 Jul 1826
Washington Cty., KY William Ramsey married Mary Brown 04 Jul 1826
Washington Cty., KY John Miller married Elizabeth Anderson 04 Jul 1828
Hancock Cty., KY Jackson Boucher married Friday Richardson 04 Jul 1836
Washington Cty., KY Austin Hayden married Elizabeth Hardesty 04 Jul 1840
Hancock Cty., KY Martin V. Burnett married Mary Wadkins 04 Jul 1849
Graves Cty., KY R. H. Kesterson married Marinda Dunning 04 Jul 1852
Washington Cty., KY Major G. Kidwell married Mary E. Burton 04 Jul 1875
Washington Cty., KY John Brown married Sarah Ann Lewis 04 Jul 1877
Washington Cty., KY A. J. Langford married Susan C. Franklin 04 Jul 1880
Washington Cty., KY C. A. Thompson married A. B. Nally 04 Jul 1882
Washington Cty., KY Elias P. Dedman married Susan Mitchell 04 Jul 1889
Washington Cty., KY James E. Derringer married Martha C. Nicholson 04 Jul 1891

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