A Walk Through The Winchester Cemetery – Clark County

The small town of Winchester has a beautiful cemetery.  I find all cemeteries fascinating – thinking about the people who are buried there, what their lives were like, in what time periods they lived, what historic events happened while they were living on this earth.  Today I share a few photos from our visit of April 23, 2014.

Andrew Hood died November 16, 1859, in his 64 year.  (Born in 1795).

Charlotte F. Buckner, born November 23, 1815, died January 12, 1884.

Mary Skinner, born 1807, died February 12, 1879.

Harrison Eubank, died September 7, 1857, aged 63 years.  (Born in 1794).

My dear husband.  Marcus C. Evans, born January 13, 1806, died February 16, 1864.

Mollie Evans, born December 4, 1775, died January 9, 1863.

Elizabeth Byrd, born July 16, 1788, died December 13, 1874.

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  1. Cemeteries are so interesting. Prior to studying my family history, several times I passed a small country cemetery not far from my birthplace. I knew from my childhood that my great grandfather on both my moms and dads side of the family were buried there. After some research starting in 2009 I have discovered that information supports my great, gg, ggg and probably gggg grandfathers Brumfield are resting there. In addition my great grandfather, gg, ggg (probably), and gggg grandfather Shanklin are there. My ggggggrandfather John Huston the father of the wife of Shanklin 4ggf is also buried there. He was born in 1741 and came to Christian (later Todd County) in 1800. The Brumfields came in 1835. It must be some sort of record to have so many grandparents interned in one location.
    Thank you for the interesting posts. I first saw your post on Vaughn of Fairview a few weeks ago and started following you on Facebook. Edward Shanklin b:1765 had a grandson named Edward Shanklin Stuart that married Jennie Vaughn. Jennie Stuart Hospital in Hopkinsville was founded by Edward Stuart. Edward Shanklin 1765 wife Mary elizabeth Huston was the midwife for Jefferson Davis 1808. Edward Shanklin also had a son Robert (ggggf) that married 1818 the granddaughter of William Herring second cousin of President Lincoln. Who would think that resting there in Goshen cemetery would be folks that were connected to supporting a revolution to birth a country and forming the pieces to tear it apart.
    Gary Shanklin

    • Gary,

      I checked Find a Grave for Goshen Cemetery – I find their maps are not usually helpful. I do have county maps of Kentucky that show where cemeteries are located. This is an older book from the 1980’s or 90’s that can no longer be found. Mine is taped and very worn – wouldn’t be without it! I have found the spot on Goshen Road where the cemetery should be. Is it easily seen from the road? Is there access? I do want to put this cemetery on my list when we re-visit western Kentucky, and feature your relatives in a blog. Could I ask you for more information at that time?

      Thanks for your help.

      Kindest regards,


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