Old Photos

1865-1875 Photos

1865 still saw the long suit coat worn by gentlemen of the Civil War era.  Although these photos are from England – Bury St. Edmunds and Suffolk – fashions were, for the most part, the same in Europe and the United States, with the states following fashion set across the pond.  This gentleman wears the huge sideburns of this time.  Notice his hat on the table.

Wearing the simple hairstyles of the 1860’s these women also wear jewelry from after the war – chunky necklaces made of chains or large beads.  This was known as mourning jewelry, a memento of those who died during the war; in England it was known as Victorian jewelry, to remember those family members who had passed away.

What a fantastic photo of an older couple.  The woman’s hat, sleeves and shawl, as well as her huge skirt, give us indications of this time period.  The gentleman wears a long coat, and notice how large his pant legs are.  In the 1870’s these became more fitted, as well as the suitcoat.  He holds gloves in his right hand.  The seem a happy couple.

This family photo is probably from the early 1870’s.  Women’s hairstyles became more elaborate, as well as the decoration of their dresses.  Note the two young lads in their knee pants and large ties.

And finally we have this woman beautifully dressed – hair nicely arranged, jewelry and much elaborate decoration on her dress.  I love the stripes!  What an era for fashion!

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