Marriage Records

1828 Vittitow – Miller Marriage License – Nelson County

Nelson County, to wit;

To any authorized Minister of the Gospel

These are to license you to solemnize the rites of matrimony according to the forms of the church to which you belong, between Samuel Vittitow and Miss Elizabeth Miller, daughter of Jacob Miller.

Given under my hand as clerk of the county court of the said county this 10th day of December 1828.

Ben Grayson

Nelson County, to wit;

I, Benjamin Grayson, clerk of the county court of said county do certify that bond is given by the said Samuel Vittitow with Nathaniel Wickliffe as his security, as required by law, on his application for the above license and that the consent of the said Jacob Miller is personally given.

Given under my hand the date above,

Ben Grayson

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