Obituary for George W. Jolly – Livingston County

The Paducah Sun, McCracken County, Kentucky

Friday, June 24, 1930

George W. Jolly of Grand Rivers Dies

Grand Rivers, Ky., Jan. 24 – George W. Jolly, 73 years old, well known merchant, died at his home here this morning at 3:40 o’clock.  Mr. Jolly had been in failing health for some time but had been up and at his place of business, and his death was sudden.  He became critically ill Thursday night.

Mr. Jolly had been in the mercantile business at Grand Rivers and in the vicinity for the past thirty years.  He was part owner of the general store of Jolly and Sexton, and was widely known in Livingston and adjoining counties.  He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Nora Jolly; four daughters, Mrs. Maude Dixon, Mrs. Lula Nickel and Mrs. Esther Alvarez, all of California, and Mrs. Londa Jones of Dawson Springs; and three sons, Elvis, Gilbert and James Jolly.  The funeral will be held Sunday.

George W. Jolly, husband of S. A. Jolly, February 26, 1856 – January 24, 1930.  Dixon Cemetery, Grand Rivers, Livingston County, Kentucky.

George W. and Serena Annora Jones Jolly were my husband’s grandparents.

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  1. My great grandfather, William Bredberg, married a woman named Anna Mary Jolly. Unfortunately, she died when their son was only ten days old. Oddly enough, I’ve never been able to find her name in a census, etc. I only know of her name because it’s on their marriage license. Perhaps your husband and I are related!!

  2. George William (GW) Jolly was my grandmother, Esta Jolly Alvarez’s father. I was raised by my grandmother, who I called Mama, in California. I also met her sister Lula Jolly Nickells, and Edwin Nickells. I have photos of GW Jolly & SA Jolly. I heard many stories about Esta growing up in Paducah working at her father’s general store. He was also elected mayor Of Grand Rivers. My mom, now 92, remembers her grandmother, Serena Anore (SA) Jolly & Londa Jolly well. I heard that GW Jolly came to Grand Rivers originally from Virginia & his people were from Scotland. I would love to share any info with any Jolly family members out there or anyone who may have ancestors who were married to the many Jollys. I heard that a few of them worked for the Railroad.

    • Biff, you are a cousin to my husband, Ritchey Edwin Brown. Ritchey’s grandfather was James Edwin Jolly, older brother of your grandmother Esta. James was already married when he married Ritchey’s grandmother, Esther Hertz, in Kansas City, Kansas, September 28, 1921. He went back to his first wife just shortly before their son, Rex, was born. Esther died two years later and Rex was adopted. Otherwise we would be Jolly’s instead of Brown’s. I wonder if your grandmother remembers anything about that?

      I didn’t know George W. was mayor of Grand Rapids – how interesting! We have been there, photographed gravestones in the various cemeteries.

      James Edwin Jolly worked on the railroad, as did his brother Elvis. They both moved to California, I believe, before 1920. James was injured while working and died in 1931. I was in touch with James’ granddaughter, Leila Varajean, but haven’t been in contact for a couple of years. Would love to share stories.

      • Thanks, Nicki. I wish there was a way to send pics. I have some good ones from Esta’s collection of G.W. & S.A. Jolly. Also, I think it’s Jim as a little boy with them wearing G.W’s top hat. Are you on FB? I could send photos thru there. Otherwise, I would have to put my personal email on here which I’m not keen to do. My mom, Skippy (Johanna) Esta’s daughter, & my grandmother told me many stories about the Jollys. Esta (mama) told me how her mother & father were very strict but loving. She was the baby, born in 1902. They were Southern Babtist & didn’t drink, smoke, or dance. Esta & her friends used to ride the riverboats overnight, drinking & dancing. She had a favorite horse named Tim, given by G.W. She was warned against racing the train down a small hill & across a railroad crossing. of course, she did that too but was caught because one of the older Jollys was working on the train & saw her racing Tim past the train. Mama was pretty wild. She lived to be 94 (d.’96) & had a great life. She came to California in the early 1920s & married my grandfather, C.Z. “Jeff” Alvarez. They had 4 kids. June, Barb, C.Z. jr (Pat), Dolly Johanna (Skippy). They are all gone now except mom, who is now 92. I’m her full-time caregiver. She had a stroke & heart attack 2 years ago but she too has had an amazing life.

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