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Charles Willson Early Settler from Montgomery County Maryland – Logan County

Pleasant Run Methodist Church, located on Hwy 663 in southeast Logan County, is no longer used as a church – I believe it is now a home.  On the other side of the road is the cemetery, used by this church.  The original church was built about 1808-1813; it was demolished, and the second church built before 1877.

Today I want to share one gravestone with you – that of Charles Willson (spelled with two l’s).  Charles was born in Montgomery County, Maryland, April 28, 1780, and died in Logan County January 16, 1849.  What makes this stone unusual is the date of death.  All other stones list deaths in the 1900’s.  Only one other death, that of Laura Gilbert in 1880, occurred in the 1800’s.  Could this stone be the only one that has survived since the original church was in existence?  Or could this stone be from a family cemetery that was on the land from many years ago?

Charles Willson, born in Montgomery County, Maryland, April 28, 1780, died January 16, 1849.  Pleasant Run Methodist Church Cemetery, Logan County, Kentucky.

Honestly, I’ve found very little information on Charles Willson other than his will.  No wife is mentioned, leading us to believe she was deceased by the time the will was made.  Five children are listed – two who are older and have received their inheritance – John C. Willson, and married daughter Sarah A. E. Pool, who predeceased her father.  Three younger children inherit their father’s estate – William O., Jane R. and Martha L.  I find no information on marriages in the Logan County records.  Did this family move further west after their father’s death?

Ritchey and I did not visit this cemetery to find Charles Willson – many of my Linton family members are buried here.  But it has given us a good mystery to solve!

Will of Charles Willson

Logan County Will Book H, Page 36

I, Charles Willson, of Logan County and State of Kentucky, being of sound and disposing memory and knowing it is appointed to all men to die, do dispose of my worldly goods as follows.

Item 1st.  I give to my son, John C. Willson, one dollar – I having given him a share of my estate heretofore.

Item 2nd.  I give to the heirs of Sarah A. E. Pool, deceased, one dollar – having given to her a share of my estate heretofore.

Item 3rd.  I give the residue of my estate to my three younger children, William O. Willson, Jane R. Willson, Martha L. Willson, to be equally divided after paying the debts of my estate.  William O. Willson to receive before the divisions a reasonable compensation for services, his from the time he was twenty-one years of age.

Item 4th.  I hereby appoint my son, William O. Willson, executor to this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all former wills.  As given under my hand this 6th day of May 1844.

Charles Willson

Signed in presence of Walter P. Harding, Thomas Gilbert

Logan County

At a county court held for said county at the courthouse in Russellville on the 22nd day of January 1849, the above will of Charles Willson, deceased, was produced in court and proven by the oaths of Walter P. Harding and Thomas H. Gilbert, subscribing witnesses thereto, to be the act and deed and last will and testament of said Willson; and ordered by the court to be recorded.  Whereupon said will, together with this certificate, hath been duly admitted to record in my office.  Given under my hand as clerk of said court the date above.

M. B. Morton

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing! I have Willson’s In the family from Kentucky. Fascinating write up and great clarity on the photograph. Thank you!!

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