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Appleton E. and Ann Hall Ballard Buried in Flemingsburg Cemetery – Fleming County

Today I share with you, photos of the gravestones of Appleton E. Ballard and his wife, Ann Hall Ballard, buried in Flemingsburg Cemetery, located in the city of that name in Fleming County, Kentucky.  Ann Ballard died during the 1833 cholera epidemic; he lived an additional five years.

The Ballard’s received their license to marry in Nicholas County, where they lived at the time.

Nicholas County – Any person legally authorized is hereby permitted to join in the holy band of matrimony Mr. Appleton E. Ballard and Miss Anne Hall of the county aforesaid (consent being given to me by her father, he, being of lawful age, and bond and security being given as the law directs) and for so doing this shall be your sufficient warrant.  Given under my hand as Deputy Clerk of the county aforesaid this 14th day of May 1810.

Nicholas County records show the couple was married May 31st, 1810 by John Faulkner.

Appleton Ballard is in the census records from 1810 to 1830 in Fleming County.  Since they married in Nicholas County in May of that year, it must have been a quick move to Fleming.  For 1810 Appleton and Ann are listed on the census with two slaves.

In 1820 a total of nine persons are living in the household, and in 1830, seven.  But according to the following will there is no mention of children.  I do believe they would be listed in the will, even if they received nothing.  The will was written November 26, 1838, the day before Appleton Ballard died.  Appleton makes provisions for his Negro servant Moody in his will, as well as dividing most of his state between the American Bible Society and the Indiana Theological Seminary and Hanover College.  I enjoyed the descriptions of his clothing given to N. P. Hall – probably a relative of his wife.

Will of Appleton E. Ballard

Fleming County Probate Records Volume 4, Pages 225-226

I, Appleton E. Ballard, of Fleming County in the state of Kentucky do hereby make and publish this my last will and testament.  I bequeath to the Presbyterian Church in Flemingsburg, Kentucky, my stock in the Maysville and Mount Sterling Turn Pike Road for the purpose of aiding said church in the support of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I direct that my Negro servant Moody be sustained while he lives out of the profits of my bank stock and after death of said Moody I bequeath the three shares of my stock in the Northern Bank of Kentucky and my seven shares of stock in the Bank of Kentucky to my executor in trust to sell the same and pay over the proceeds of the sale of said three shares of stock to the American Bible Society, and the proceeds of said seven shares of bank stock to the Indiana Theological Seminary and Hanover College to be appropriated for the purposes of said Bible Society and for the purpose of paying the salary of the professor of Didactic and Polemic Theology as for the purpose of educating pious young men in said seminary.

I devise all my lands in Trigg County in the state of Kentucky to my executors to be sold at such time within ten years after my death, as my said executor shall think best

And I direct that the proceeds of such sale shall be paid over as follows: first one third thereof to the aforesaid Bible Society and secondly, the other two thirds of such proceeds to the aforesaid Theological Seminary and College to be appropriated for the purposes of said institution.  The said lands may be sold for cash or on such credit as shall by my executor be deemed most advantageous to secure the best price for the same and to affect the object of this bequest.  I direct my executor to sell all my personal property either at public or private sale and after the payment of all my debts and the debts and expenses of my estate, and when all the debts and accounts due my estate shall be collected, I bequeath one third of the residue of all my estate to said Bible Society and the balance to the said Theological Seminary and College for the purposes of said institutions respectively and I direct my executor to pay the same over to said institutions.  As to my wearing apparel I bequeath to N. P. Hall my great coat worth forty-five dollars and my over base (?) coat worth at least twenty dollars, my black cloth coat and pantaloons and my silk velvet vest worth fifty-five dollars, my black summer cloth pantaloons and my three black vests worth at least fifteen dollars, my suit of grey summer’s cloth that is coat and pantaloons and a black vest and all my shirts and I bequeath all the rest of my clothing to said servant Moody, except my cloak and old great coat.  I direct that my cloak and old great coat be sold, and the proceeds disposed of with the residue of the monies of my estate as aforesaid.

I hold a claim against said Hall of about seven dollars and a half on account of a debt I paid for him to Kelly, which debt I discharge said Hall of.  And lastly, I appoint my friend, John A. Cavan, Executor of this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all former wills be me made.  In testimony whereof, I hereunto set my hand and seal this 26th day of November 1838.

A. E. Ballard

Signed and acknowledged in presence of us – John Danalason, James E. Shepard

At a court held for Fleming County on the 24th day of December 1838

This writing purporting to be the last will and testament of A. E. Ballard, deceased, was produced in open court and proved by the oaths of John Danalason and James E. Shepard, the subscribing witnesses thereto to be the last will and testament of said Ballard and ordered to be recorded which with this certificate is duly done.

George M. Stockton, Clerk

In memory of Ann H. Ballard, consort of Appleton E. Ballard, born March 10 A.D. 1789, died June 28th 1833 of Epidemic Cholera.  Flemingsburg Cemetery, Fleming County, Kentucky.

In memory of A. E. Ballard who departed this life on the 27th of November 1838 in the 67th year of his age. (Born 1771).

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