Some of Those Born Before 1800 Buried In Maple Grove Cemetery – Jessamine County

Maple Grove Cemetery is located in the city of Nicholasville in the county of Jessamine.  In the center of town, it is easy to find on Main Street.  There is a mixture of old and new stones.  Today I share with you gravestones for those born before 1800.  We are always interested in the older people.

Samuel Knock, born September 15, 1778, died December 14, 1851.

Henry Burdine, April 9, 1775 – January 8, 1852.

In memory of Catharine, wife of Henry Burch, born 1778, died May 12, 1856.

Col. Obd. Prewitt, born February 29, 1788, died August 26, 1811.

Thomas E. West, born July 4, 1787, died March 10, 1857.

George I. Brown, born December 11, 1784, died March 14, 1856.

Sarah, wife of G. I. Brown, born September 30, 1789, died May 6, 1832.

Joseph Wallace, born March 9, 1779, died February 19, 1855.

Sarah, wife of Joseph Wallace, born February 1, 1780, died September 16, 1852.

James Simpson, Sr., was born May the 12th 1797, died December 29th, 1884.

Any thoughts?

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