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Ann Pottinger and Benjamin Lancaster – Nelson County

Samuel Pottinger Lancaster, December 6, 1830 – May 7, 1902.  St. Joseph Cemetery, Bardstown, Nelson County, Kentucky.

Today we travel to Nelson County, city of Bardstown, to St. Joseph’s Cemetery located at the intersection of US150 and Hwy 245, just north on Main Street.  Although many of the earlier pioneers are buried in family cemeteries, or rural cemeteries, there are many buried in St. Joseph’s Cemetery that have ties to the early citizens.  Our case in point today – Ann Pottinger Lancaster and three of her children, Samuel, James and Ann Elizabeth.

Ann Lancaster, September 5, 1805 – May 10, 1881.

Ann Pottinger (I’ve also seen it spelled Pottenger), daughter of Captain Samuel Pottinger and Jane Caldwell, was born September 5, 1805.  Jane Caldwell was the second wife of Samuel Pottinger, and Ann was their youngest child.  Samuel was a Revolutionary soldier, the pioneer settler and founder of Pottinger’s Station (or fort) in 1781 in Nelson County.  Pottinger’s Creek (the station was built along this creek) is located in the southern portion of Nelson County, between the small towns of New Haven and New Hope, and near Gethsemane Abbey.  Samuel’s first wife was Jane Gray, with whom he had three children.  He also had three children with this second wife.

Issue of Captain Samuel Pottinger and Jane Gray:

  1. Elizabeth, born in Pottinger’s Fort, Nelson County, Kentucky, 14th May 1783; died in Nelson County, Kentucky, 6th May 1857; married 4th September 1803, James Phillips, born 2nd April 1780, died 28th January 1842, in Nelson County.
  2. Samuel, born 1st March 1785
  3. John, born 1789, died unmarried 7th September 1833.

Issue of Captain Samuel Pottinger and Jane Caldwell:

  1. Robert, born circa 1801-2; died unmarried circa 1820.
  2. Jane Gray, born 12th November 1803; died in Union County, Kentucky, 9th January 1828; married 20th March 1821, Ignatius Aloysius Spalding, born in St. Mary’s County, Maryland, 5th May, 1790, died in Union County, 5th December 1851, son of Benedict and Allethaire (Abell) Spalding of St. Mary’s County, Maryland. He married (secondly) Ann Huston, born in Person County, NC, 5th May 1790, died in Union County, 29th April 1877.
  3. Anna, born 5th September 1805; died 10th May 1881; married 26th December 1826, Benjamin Lancaster, born 25th April 1799, died 22nd September 1840, son of Jack Lancaster.

Ann Pottinger married Benjamin Lancaster on December 26, 1826, at St. Joseph Cathedral in Bardstown.  Benjamin was the son of John Lancaster and Catherine Miles, born April 25, 1799.  As Ann’s family were pioneers, so too were Benjamin’s.  John Lancaster was also in the Revolutionary War and settled on Hardin’s Creek with the station of the same name, formed by the Beaven and Cissell families in what is now Marion County, in the area of St. Mary’s, and the church of St. Charles.  All the families mentioned were pioneers from Maryland, who moved to Kentucky after the Revolutionary War, most arriving between 1781 to 1800.

James Madison Lancaster, March 17, 1833 – October 3, 1894.

Ann Pottinger and Benjamin Lancaster had six children:

  • John Lancaster, born 15th November 1827; died 7th December 1827
  • Mary Jane Lancaster, born 13th December 1828; died 16th August 1845
  • Samuel Pottinger Lancaster, born 6th December 1830; died 7th May 1902; unmarried
  • James Madison Lancaster, born 17th March 1833; died 3rd October 1894; unmarried
  • Robert B. Lancaster, born 26th May 1835; died 18th May 1904; married (firstly) 7th May 1867, Mary T. Abell; married (secondly) 22nd June 1881, Sallie Doherty; married (thirdly) 29th January 1903, Bettie Cardwell
  • Catherine born 24th July 1837; died 14th August 1837

Two died young, three did not marry.  Son Robert Benjamin Lancaster married three times, he had children with his first wife only.

Ann Elizabeth Lancaster, August 24, 1832 – August 24, 1868.

Benjamin Lancaster had an early death, dying at the age of 41.  He is buried in the cemetery at St. Charles, in Marion County with his parents; I found no stone when I photographed the cemetery, but it is possible there was one when he died.  Ann Pottinger Lancaster lived an additional 41 years.  The large monument in St. Joseph Cemetery is dedicated to her and her three unmarried children.

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  1. A few years ago, Daughters of the American Revolution chapter Cox’s Station marked Captain Samuel Pottinger’s grave during a family reunion. It was a beautiful dedication.

  2. Very interresting it is good to know about those in the past who paved the way for us today. It is a shame that we know very litle about them other then grave markers.

    • I’m trying to find the names of my grandmothers mother and father. My grandmothers name was Mary Gertrude Pottinger, born 1898, died 1987. Married William Demetrius Carneal 1916 in Metropolis, Illinois. Born in Kevil Kentucky and died in Peoria Illinois. Thank you

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