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Graduation Photograph?

I have a beautiful photograph of a lovely young woman to share with you today.  Her white dress is stunning with its multitude of ruffles.  White stockings and shoes complete the outfit.  A simple strand of pearls around the neck only adds to the delicate look.

Perhaps she is a graduate?  The tassel around her arm and large, ribbon tied bouquet give us clues.  And if you enlarge the photograph there is a small pin, or emblem, at the upper left side of her dress, perhaps from the school or university she attended.

There are no dates or names on the photo.  I would date this 1910-1915.

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  1. I bet it is a wedding gown. I have a picture of my Mother in her wedding gown n her first marriage and it was in early 1920’s and the bouquets and dress style are very similar especially flowers. My mother has a veil on.

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