The Beautiful Sleeping Lady of Carlisle Cemetery – Nicholas County

Sallie Thomas Hall, 1837-1920, Carlisle Cemetery, Nicholas County, Kentucky.

On a genealogy tour in August of 2014 Ritchey and I visited the Carlisle Cemetery in Nicholas County.  One monument came into view immediately – the lovely marble sculpture above.  Thinking this must be the grave of a young woman who had died early in life I was very surprised to discover Sallie Thomas Hall was 83 years of age when she passed away.  What a glorious monument to her youth and beautify, and the long life she lived.  Sleeping peacefully until resurrection day.

James Thomas, born November 12, 1799, died June 15, 1873.

Sallie is buried beside her parents.  She was the daughter of James Lee Thomas and Nancy Hayden.  James was born November 12, 1799, in Loudoun County, Virginia.  Nancy was the daughter of Lottimore Hayden and Mary Bryan.

Nancy, wife of James Thomas, born January 6, 1804, died June 16, 1877.

Sallie married Francis Hall as his second wife; Louisa Wheat, his first wife, died in 1879 and a monument was erected for her and Francis at her burial site in the Paris Cemetery.  Francis and Louisa had one son, William Wright Hall.  He and Sallie had no children.

Husband Francis Hall died January 22, 1910, in Bourbon County, where the couple lived at that time.  He is buried with his first wife.

The Bourbon News, Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky

Tuesday, January 25, 1910

Sallie lived another ten years until her death, January 11, 1920.

The Bourbon News, Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky

Tuesday, January 13, 1920

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