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Meet the Percefull Family of Meade County

Percefull family stone, Cap Anderson Cemetery, Meade County, Kentucky.

Today we visit Cap Anderson Cemetery in Meade County.  Five members of the Percefull family are buried here.  The parents are James D. Percefull and Martha Lacy Fletcher.

James and Martha were married March 7, 1854, in Hardin County, by W. T. Coate, at Martha’s house.  Those present were Henry and Ditto Lewis, William Walters and others.

In 1860 the family is living in Meade County, where James is a lawyer.  Two children have been born, Albert F, 3, and Virginia, 1.  Another son, James Robert, was born in 1861.

From the following obituary accounts, and the fact that they are buried in the same plot, this must have been a close family.  All obituaries are taken from The Courier Journal, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky.

James D. Percefull, 1811 – February 7, 1883.

James died in 1883 at the age of 72.  I was surprised to find no obituary for him, since he was a judge by this time, but in the September 30th issue of the Courier, Martha, Albert and Jennie (Virginia) left to visit ‘the Exposition’ and relatives.  This was the Eleventh Cincinnati Industrial Exposition, where the electric light was celebrated.

Sunday, September 30, 1883

Martha L. Percefull, March 18, 1826 – September 1901.

Martha passed away 18 years later in 1901.  In her obituary we read that daughter Virginia is married and living in Seattle, Washington.

Robert J. Percefull, August 12, 1862 – August 19, 1918.

Robert died in 1918, an old bachelor.

Thursday, August 22, 1918

Albert F. Percefull, January 20, 1857 – July 13, 1931.

Albert was living in Knoxville, Tennessee with his wife Rose Mary when he passed away in 1931.  Again, I found no obituary in Kentucky or Tennessee newspapers, but his death certificate is signed by his wife and lists his parents.  And it gives place of burial as Brandenburg, Meade County, Kentucky.

Our last family member is Virginia.  She married John A. Berg before her mother’s death in 1901, at which time they were living in Seattle, Washington.  John was a Civil War veteran who fought from the state of Minnesota.  Virginia is listed as widow on his pension filed in 1890 for John, and 1916 for Virginia.

Virginia was the roaming member of the family.  In the 1905 state census for South Dakota, Virginia is listed as 44 years of age, and it was noted she had lived in the state for three years, making their arrival 1902.  In 1910 she and John are still living in South Dakota with daughter Lilah, who must have been a step-daughter.  In the 1910 census Lilah was 18, and John and Virginia had been married 12 years.  Virginia was 39 at the time of her marriage to John Berg in 1898.  In 1920 Virginia is living with step-daughter Charlotte and son-in-law W. A. Stubkjaer in Wisconsin.    In 1930 she has moved back to Hardin County, Kentucky, living with Orvil B. Davison and wife Maude.  She is listed as ‘sister’ even though he is only 31.  And in 1940, six years before her death, she lives with Lucy Ditto, both aged 81, in Hardin County.  If you remember at her parent’s marriage a Ditto Lewis was present.  Perhaps Lucy is a cousin?

Sunday, May 24, 1925

I found no obituary for Virginia, but did find this notice of her granddaughter’s wedding to take place in Stoughton, Wisconsin.  I love the line, ‘Miss Stubkjaer is well known in Louisville where she is often the guest of her grandmother, Mrs. Virginia Berg.’  Even though a step-grandmother Virginia was dearly loved and played an important part in her grandchildren’s lives.

Virginia P. Berg, February 5, 1859 – August 19, 1946.

And finally, the last family member is laid to rest.  Evidently her gravestone was prepared earlier, leaving but the year of death, which was not added.  I wish I had the funds to add death dates to all the stones like this one.  On her death certificate heart disease was the immediate cause of death, but due to blindness she suffered a fall and fractured her right femur.  What a good, long, interesting life she led.

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