Old Photos

Two ‘Outside’ Postcard Photos – AZO by Kodak

Today I share two ‘outside’ postcard photographs.  These photographs weren’t actually taken outside, but the backdrop used made you think the people in the photographs were enjoying a wonderful day in the woods or at the beach.  Both postcards have the AZO symbol where you would place a stamp to mail the card.  In the four corners are triangles pointing up, which can be dated 1904-1918.  Many times photographers set up a tent and took photos while people were enjoying an outing, or during a festival.

This family photograph probably was taken at a beach-side photographer’s tent.

This photograph of two sisters has Boeckmann, Park Photographer, Olcott Beach, N.Y., stamped on back.


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  1. Seems we rarely see pix of anyone with short sleeves. This one with 1/2 to 3/4 length sleeves is a little unusual. Most of the photos taken were people in their Sunday go to meeting clothes, full length everything. I guess all photos were taken in the cool weather. I can imagine Mother tell all, even Father, to get on your good clothes ’cause we’re having our photo taken.

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